Sunday, July 13, 2008

Helping HealthBlogger & grow and prosper…

Do you like Public Television?
Do you know when they have those telethons to raise money?
This Blog is my version of a HealthBlogger / - athon. Sort of...

The short version…You currently receive HealthBlogger free of charge.
I want to keep it that way.
To sustain these activities I must create cash flow.
That occurs when products are purchased from my website, Blogs and e-mail programs I send out to clients.
By supporting my affiliation websites, you help support my research efforts that I sincerely hope you find useful and life changing.

The devil though is in the details and the details are important, so please read on…I have done health consulting for over 30 years now. A few years ago, I changed my goal from working with just a small group of people in a large metropolitan area like the San Francisco Bay Area where I was living, to an online concept to hopefully reach thousands, via the Internet. It is a great and noble vision, and one, which I have worked hard to create. It has its challenges however, which is the purpose of this bog.

My goal was to reduce my expenditures down to as little as possible and do what I like best, research. I spend 80% to 90% of my time researching studies that might not get turned into practical application for 20 to 40 years. No one who is in practice has the time to do that anymore, with rare exceptions, it's just too demanding time wise and still see clients.

MY MISSION STATEMENT...I believe in win-win transactions whenever possible in all aspects of my life. If I can find a great quality product at an affordable price, or formulate one myself that can really have a difference on your health and not just make you think you are taking something great because the label says there are small amounts listed on the label, (a common practice in the supplement industry) then I feel I have performed a valuable service to my readers and clients.

If you appreciate what I send you in the form of information and you decide to use that information to better your life, it makes a big difference to me if you use the links in my e-mails and websites, and not buy them from some other source or affiliates websites or catalogs directly.
I appreciate and need your business.

If you read one of my blogs and go out and buy a product from a store, you are either going to pay more or get an inferior product. That’s almost certain.

I have another challenge in this online world I am in, if you order from NSI/Vitacost catalog you get the same price, they send me nothing. If you order from an e-mail from NSI/Vitacost, you pay the same price and they send me nothing. If you on the other hand order online from my links and e-mails, you pay the same price, you know what product is best to order and they send me a very small commission from their wholesale dollar as a thank you for sending them the business. 
That's how affiliations work.
I consider this a win – win for all of us and my hope is you do as well.
Many of you order originally from my links, but then revert to ordering from their catalog or put there website in your favorites and just order direct, or you buy from e-mails you get from them.

The bottom line is this…The easiest way to help me is to use the links on my websites or e-mails, before ordering online when you purchase from NSI/Vitacost. That’s all you need to do.
Also you can help me expand my audience by sending along any Blogs that you feel have merit to loved ones and friends and encourage them to subscribe, it’s free.

Hopefully all of this makes sense and if so, to use a phrase someone else uses on television, TRY MY PRODUCTS.

Good health to each and all of you... I appreciate any and all efforts you do in this area to help me grow and prosper in the online world and to keep me providing you with state of the art nutritional advice and information.

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