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When doctor Joel Wallach, DVM, MS, ND, was a veterinarian, he participated in a 7.5 Million Dollar study from the NIH, and from his research with animals, he discovered that he could prevent and reverse 900 diseases in animals. 
He then became a Naturopathic Doctor at the age of 40, and found it worked just as well in humans too.
I use his great discoveries as a base in all my programs. Give them a try.

Ultimate Stress Reduction Support:
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Ultimate D-Stress Caps

Ultimate Kidney Failure Support:
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Ultimate Daily Tablets

Ultimate Digestive Health:
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Ultimate Enzymes

Ultimate Immune Health:
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Killer Biotic

Ultimate Bone Health:
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Beyond Osteo Fx

Ultimate Eye Support:
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Ultimate Cognitive Health:
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Ultimate Blood Sugar Health:
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Sweet Eze

Always see a medical doctor and get a second opinion, from a nutritionally oriented practitioner before starting any program. This is called an Integrated or Complementary Therapy approach.


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