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Remineralizing teeth and bones, naturally...

Want to cut down dental bills?  Are you concerned about bone health?

In the 30's Dr. Weston Price, a dentist, traveled the world studying people, cultures, and the health of their teeth.  The diets he found varied but when the people ate the natural foods around them, what he called a Primitive Diet, got plenty of sun, and ate grass fed animals or butter, they not only had perfect teeth but they repaired themselves.

Dental cavities were either non-existent or he saw evidence of self-repair.  When you compare this to our Standard Americanized Diet, often referred to as the SAD Diet, the complete opposite is true.

When he came back to the states he began looking for the formula of nutrients that were responsible.  He called one of them Factor X which we now know as Vitamin K2.  I have blogged a lot about it's wonderful properties.

Also responsible was a high trace mineral intake, most of which is now missing from the soils that feed our plants, and a high vitamin A in an oil soluble form, like from Cod Liver Oil or raw grass fed butter.

Turns out the raw grass fed butter has both the vitamin A needed and the K2 content.  K2 can also be found in the Japanese fermented food Natto and in raw organic farm cheeses like Brie and Gouda.

For many these foods are hard to find and so I have experimented over the years with a program that can do the same thing.  It will keep bones and teeth strong and self-repairing by re-mineralizing them and will remove calcium from the soft tissues.  There are many other side benefits that I have discussed on previous blogs.  Please look for them.

Vitamin D3 and remineralizing teeth...

K2 & bone & tooth health

Xylitol and tooth decay...

The nutrients that are critical are the following and the ones I take:

Vitamin D3 10,000 IU's - I recommend 2 caps w/ BFT

Cod Liver Oil  - 2 caps w/ BFT and 2 Caps w/ DNR

Cal/Mag w 72 trace minerals - 2 tabs w/ BFT and 2 tabs w/DNR

Time Released PureWay C - 1 Tablet w/ BFT and 1 w/ DNR

Vitamin K1 & K2 Complex - Take 2 caps daily.

I have used this program to repair a weak spot in one of my teeth.  I was doing everything but the A with no response.  When I added it, it did the trick.  These supplements are synergistic.

Other things to keep in mind with dental health:
Drink green tea to keep bacteria low.
Use a toothpaste with Novamin.
Gargle with hydrogen perioxide daily.  Free oxygen kills germs.
Stop drinking soft drinks with phosphoric acid that corrodes the enamel.
Watch other acid drinks and foods.

If you have gum disease add the following:
Ubiquinol - Take 1 cap w/ BFT and 1 w/ DNR
PureWay time released C - Take 3 tablets w/ BFT and 3 w/ DNR

Remember, "You're never too old to become younger."  Mae West


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