Thursday, July 05, 2012

Pterostilbene: The Next Generation Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a magnificent compound with amazing anti-aging and disease protective properties.  It is found naturally in grapes and Japanese Knotweed as a protective compound, or natural defense system, to insure the grape's resistance to disease and fungal attack.  This compound is up-regulated when it comes under attack for it's own survival.

Pterostilbene, pronounced "tera - still - bean", is a similar cousin molecule that protects blueberries from the same biological damage. 

It is almost exactly the same molecularly, except it has 2 methyl groups instead of 3 hydroxyl groups, which means is it is 5 times better absorbed and utilized by the body.  It also has more powerful properties in addition to Resveratrol's effects.  Besides being better absorbed it also remains in the body 7.5 times longer than Resveratrol.

Just like Resveratrol,  Pterostilbene needs to be consumed at therapeutic levels to get results in animals and humans.  This means absorption, is extremely important to get dramatic biological effects.  You cannot get the same results by eating blueberries or grapes, even though they are good for you and have lots of anti-oxidants, as do other compounds.

Why is this the case?  Well, those plants don't produce huge amounts of these protective molecules because we spray them with chemicals, which take the place of their own protective mechanisms. Even if they did, it is suppose to affect the fruit and not the one eating them.
If you buy them organic and or get them wild, they would be much more potent, but you would still have to eat a lot of these fruits and they are not always available during the year. 

Therefore, to get amazing results, these phytonutrients must be produced in large amounts and encapsulated and then taken in therapeutic amounts.

In 2009, Life Extension foundation did a story on this compound and they recommended adding it to Resveratrol formulations and use in microgram amounts.  See article.

Since then, we know much more.  It is being tested and used in amounts between 100 to 150 mgs daily, spread between 2 or 3 meals.

Here are it's major benefits:
Cholesterol lowering with HDL and LDL balancing.
Cognitive decline
Cancer prevention

Here is a 1 hour lecture on all the benefits of Pterostilbene...

Where to purchase Pterostilbene

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