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HealthBlogger Special Report - The Results are in...

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HealthBlogger Special Report

The Results are in...

A double blind, placebo controlled, randomized study was recently done on humans with a well known Telomerase Activating Nutraceutical. This kind of study is the best there is. If you have been reading and or watching my latest blogs, you are somewhat aware of what TA is and does. Just know that 2 Nobel Prizes in medicine have been given out in the last decade for the role of stem cells and telomerase in human health and aging.
In one past experiment, well nourished stem cells in a petri dish, lived 70 years and showed no signs of aging. They appear to be immortal. Most of our cells are daughter cells of these stem cells, and live only 40 to 60 divisions, before dying or being killed off. Stem cells do not seem to age as such, but can become defective and can be killed off by a process called apoptosis. Lobsters also appear to have negligible senescence, but can be caught, killed and eaten. There are many examples of other creatures that also seem to have extraordinary long lives.

Dr Ed Park believes that if we can keep our stem cells healthy, and telomerase activated, that we won't age either. Not only has he not aged since starting this nutraceutical, his telomer length is now that of a fetus. So the science is clear that Telomerase does in fact add length to our telomeres, but only one human study before showed that a TA Nutraceutical could lengthen immune cells telomeres, and that was enough for many people and doctors to start ingesting it, and recommending it. 
Over the last 7 years or so, we have thousands of studies that implicate short telomeres to the diseases we all know and fear.

Now this latest study of 117 relatively healthy people, ages 53 to 87 showed that a low dose of this TA Nutraceutical, approx 8 mgs of TA product, over a 12 month period, increased telomere length by an average of 530 base pairs, while the placebo group lost an average of 290 base pairs. That increase of 530 base pairs would be equal to about 7 years of increased viable telomere length, based on Dr Parks research and clinical work. A 7 year reversal in 12 months, WOW...
Basically we are conceived with about 15,000 base pairs, when born we have about 10,000, and when we get down to critically short telomeres, at approximately 5,000 base pairs, we die.

It also proved that a low effective dose is all that maybe needed, and since the cost of these capsules is high, that is great news for those of us taking them.  
What this means according to Dr Park, is that if a person age 25 to 30 began taking this nutracetical, they would not age beyond that point biologically.  Same would hold true for older people, but you can only be as young as your best stem cells you have when you start the program. 

Dr. Ed Park is the formulator of Recharge, and here is a video that explains his clinical work and theory on aging.

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Always see a medical doctor and get a second opinion, from a nutritionally oriented practitioner before starting any program. This is called an Integrated or Complementary Therapy approach.


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