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This Weeks HealthBlogger 10-04-14 - Let's make this a Country free from chronic disease... It starts today!

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        "You are the victim of the sickness industry, unless 
        you make a conscious effort to take charge of your 
        own health." - Christopher Wiechert, CNC

Enjoy this week's cutting edge research and begin to take charge of your own health.

"The doctor of the future will prescribe no drugs, but will interest his patients in the care and nutrition of the human frame and in the cause and prevention of disease“ 
Thomas Edison

Educating and bringing the masses up to speed on the latest discoveries is a difficult process. Peoples minds are hard to change, and many times, forces out there are not inclined or ready to admit they have been wrong and have been leading us in the wrong direction.
My goal in these blogs is always to move you further toward the State Of The Art, in medical and health breakthroughs.  
Right now, we have the Nutrigenomic ability to make this Country a nation that is for the most part, free from most every chronic degenerative disease.

It starts today for you and your family, if you choose to take the time to absorb the data and begin to put it into practice.

Why you most likely won't believe what I blog here, or share it.  
But I am encouraging you to break through this resistance, and 
do so. And as the person bringing you this message, I can relate 
to his last thoughts...

Like Scurvy is a disease that is prevented with Vitamin C, Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer, is a vitamin D deficiency.

Type 2 Diabetes is cured in as little as 2 weeks, using no drugs, just diet and nutraceuticals...

How to prevent, treat and cure 900 degenerative diseases...

Managing Cancer if you have it, rather than trying to kill it...

"On the issue of enlightenment: I don't judge people as to where they are, but purely on where they want to go. We are all at some stage of growth in life. When you find a person traveling the path of life, feed and water them." Christopher Wiechert

Resources to benefit from the ideas above...
Vitamin D3 10,000 IUs
The Mighty 90
Healthy Body Blood Sugar Pak
Healthy Body Brain and Heart Pak

Christopher Wiechert,CNC is available for consultation on your health issues.  
Always see a medical doctor and get a second opinion, from a nutritionally oriented practitioner before starting any program. This is called Integrated Medicine.

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Introducing The End Of The Genetic Theory Of Disease Transmission...

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