Sunday, March 21, 2010

To Age or Not To Age - Be the first to see this amazing documentary...

To Age or Not to Age is a one-hour documentary filmed in New Zealand, following health guru Leslie Kenton on her quest to discover a remedy for aging.

The documentary follows the progress of eight people on a five week trial and includes interviews with medical practitioners, exercise physiologists, naturapaths, traditional healers, and scientists which allow the trial group and viewers an insight into the aging process and ways in which it might be reversed.

The results of the trial are astounding, startling even Leslie Kenton herself. The documentary is a beacon of hope demonstrating that through a combination of orthodox medicine and natural health practices we may learn to prevent degenerative diseases, free up hospital waiting lists, and enjoy aging with enthusiasm, vitality, and health.

She recommends a similar diet to the one I have been using and teaching for over 13 years, modeling a Hunter/Gatherer diet and lifestyle. It is also the basis of my Forever Changes Weight-Loss and Longevity Lifestyle Program.
If you want to see how well you will feel and the medical improvements that come with this lifestyle in just 45 days, watch this film. It will be released soon but you have a sneak peak.

Enjoy and remember...

It's never too late to become younger.


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