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Could cancer be caused by a fungus - One Oncologist thinks so...

Could the overuse of antibiotics be contributing to the rise in cancer around the world?

Have you heard of Candida and did you know that at least one cancer expert and oncologist thinks there is a connection between this fungal disease and cancer?

I am offering this information to anyone seeking an answer to the possible cause and perhaps a way to treat it naturally without Chemo or Radiation.

I don't pretend to know if this will prove to be the right cause or treatment approach in the future. Only time will tell. I am merely making it available to anyone and everyone who may be dealing with it or knows someone that may have the disease and is looking for answers.

My recommendation is to watch the 45 minute video and look at the other links and decide for yourself if you think it has merit.

Education leads to insight and insight can then lead to action.

I hope you find this research beneficial and remember...

It is never too late to become younger.


Video - Cancer breakthrough - Cancer is a Fungus - Candida...
Know the Cause Show - Doug Kaufmann - Moderator -45 mins
“Doug Kaufmann has become one of the most influential voices in natural health.”
A MUST SEE for everyone who believes that cancer is a mysterious disease!
Until 2007, I didn't know Italian cancer specialist, Tullio Simoncini, M.D., nor did he know me. Seemingly worlds apart, we were on identical paths; unlike millions of cancer researchers before us, we discovered the cause of cancer. Then God placed us together and a most amazing interview ensued. Watch now as this millennium's most important cancer discovery is told. Then please send it to loved ones who need this information. Tell everyone you know to sign up for our free newsletter, because the information is simply too important to be without the next time you find yourself in a hospital or doctor's office.

For the past 50 or so years, orthodox treatment has more or less stayed the same with a very poor cure rate. Why? They only have Chemotherapy, Radiation, or Surgery and maybe a combination of the three to work with. By now you would think that cutting out a cancer tumor for a cure would be known as impossible since the tumor is just the symptom and not the cause. It is very important to get at the cause and most institutions are happy with removing the symptom and somehow weave into the mix the chemo or radiation to round out the treatment plan. With this routine there is less than a 2% "cure" rate. If they can slow the progress down for 5 years, it is considered a cure. Really, how could it be a cure if only the symptom is removed and the body is poisoned or radiated after the surgery? Sure, there are different techniques in the surgical suits being tried each day. After a work-up before surgery, it is determined how much of one's body should be removed never or almost never taking into consideration how he will live with what remains behind. To this, another attack will take place with a poison (chemotherapy) being infused which is another obstacle for the patient to overcome or maybe a series of powerful radiation treatments will be considered. A relatively strong patient is soon turned into a weak wimp too sick to get out of his own way. Is this the way a person should go on living? Is this progress?

Breast Cancer Conquered Without Toxic Drugs...
The recent discovery of an Italian oncologist and research scientist, Dr. Tullio Simoncini of Rome, enabled him to develop a procedure that produces spectacular results in treating breast cancer.
Combined with another protocol developed at an oncological clinic in Oklahoma, the treatment takes advantage of recent advances in cancer research, and of the discovery of Dr. Simoncini. He calls the medical community's attention to the fact that every cancer cell has a fungus within that is driving the cell's fermentation-based metabolism. He believes that in the case of cancer, "we are looking at a very sick cell within which lives a very healthy microbe". Dr. Simoncini also discovered that pharmaceutical-grade sodium bicarbonate is a superb fungus killer. He has proven his theory by eliminating tumors in hundreds of cancer patients, some of them terminal cases.

Anti-fungal Drug May Help Treat Cancer, Say Scientists at UC Santa Barbara ...
Santa Barbara, Calif.) – A drug that has been used for 40 years for the treatment of skin fungus has been found to be a possible cancer treatment, according to an international team of scientists.
Leslie Wilson, professor of biochemistry and pharmacology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, said that the anti-fungal drug, griseofulvin, has been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in his laboratory. The results are published in today's online edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

What is Candida?...
Candida is controversial. The medical profession denies its existence, except in very limited cases, making it very difficult (probably impossible) to get a medical diagnosis of Candida even when an overgrowth has been confirmed by a laboratory test. Despite this situation, public awareness of Candida has continued to grow, helped no doubt by the long list of celebrities who, quite unperturbed by its lack of medical status, assert that they have had it.
Candida is the popular term for candidiasis (candida overgrowth) - a condition first identified by American physicians in the 1970s. Moderate amounts of candida live in every one of us without causing any harm, but when given free rein to grow unchecked, e.g. by wiping out the surrounding bacteria with broad-spectrum antibiotics, Candida can change into its fungal form and spore through the intestinal wall into the rest of the body. Once through, it rampages around the body producing a multitude of symptoms.

Learn more about Dr. Tullio Simoncini, M.D.,

How can we get in contact with him?

Order the Book - Cancer is a Fungus

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