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Why you need to increase your levels of broccoli, lycopene, almonds, dark chocolate, watermelon, vitamin D and eat properly if your are pregnant...

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We have recently changed our focus on Epigenetics, the science that shows that we can alter our genetic destiny with foods and supplements by turning on or off, the genes that effect our health and predispose us to disease.

In this HealthBlogger we see that Lycopene, a red colored phytonutrient in fruits and veggies, may be as good as Statins for cardiovascular health. Also, that a few servings of broccoli a week may lower your chances of getting some forms of cancer. We see that watermelon may have Viagra effects on libido for men. Almonds are not only a great source of fiber, protein and healthy fats, but also improves your beneficial intestinal bacteria. We see new possible benefits for heart failure treatment with vitamin D, how the diet of pregnant women effects the health of their children as they age, and how western medicine failed one of my hero's, Tim Russert.

Enjoy the articles and stay healthy.... It's always your choice.


Lycopene as effective as statins for artery health: rabbit study...
Supplements of the lycopene, the carotenoid that give tomatoes their red colour, may be as effective as statins to reduce the formation of plaques in the arteries that cause atherosclerosis, says a new study with rabbits. The animals fed a high-fat diet and supplemented with lycopene or fluvastatin had improved levels of these biomarkers, and the lycopene of both doses was better than the statin.

Study shows how broccoli fights cancer ...
Just a few more portions of broccoli each week may protect men from prostate cancer, British researchers reported on Wednesday. The researchers believe a chemical in the food sparks hundreds of genetic changes, activating some genes that fight cancer and switching off others that fuel tumors, said Richard Mithen, a biologist at Britain's Institute of Food Research.

Watermelon May Have Viagra-effect...
A cold slice of watermelon has long been a Fourth of July holiday staple. But according to recent studies, the juicy fruit may be better suited for Valentine’s Day. That’s because scientists say watermelon has ingredients that deliver Viagra-like effects to the body’s blood vessels and may even increase libido.

Prebiotic Potential Of Almonds...
Almonds, as well as being high in vitamin E and other minerals, are also thought to have other health benefits, such as reducing cholesterol. Recently published work by the Institute of Food Research has identified potential prebiotic properties of almonds that could help improve our digestive health by increasing levels of beneficial gut bacteria.

Western Medicine Fails Tim Russert...
The shocking death of Tim Russert last Friday has left an entire nation wondering what happened. He was a model patient, doing everything his doctors asked. All major media have run articles trying to explain the nuances and difficulties in treating coronary artery disease. These articles find little fault in Russert's care, trying to create the idea that his heart attack was just too hard to predict and that all that could have been done for him was done. I beg to differ. His death represents the failure of standard medical care to produce a positive result – an occurrence that is all too common in today's world.

Cheap, Processed Chocolate Has Virtually No Health Benefits Due to Lack of Flavanols ...
People should not be misled into believing that the typical chocolate bar is good for heart health, according to an editorial published in the influential medical journal Lancet, because most processed chocolate bars contain very low amounts of the nutrient that makes chocolate good for you.

Poor Diet During Pregnancy May Have Long Term Impact On Child's Health, Study Suggests...
Mothers who eat an unhealthy diet during pregnancy may be putting their children at risk of developing long term, irreversible health issues including obesity, raised levels of cholesterol and blood sugar, according to new research(1). The study, carried out in rats and funded by the Wellcome Trust, suggests that the effect is even more pronounced in female offspring.

Vitamin D: New Way To Treat Heart Failure?...
Strong bones, a healthy immune system, protection against some types of cancer: Recent studies suggest there’s yet another item for the expanding list of Vitamin D benefits. Vitamin D, “the sunshine vitamin,” keeps the heart, the body’s long-distance runner, fit for life’s demands.

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