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Resveratrol - If you take only one supplement, perhaps this is the one!!!

Resveratrol, a phytonutrient that is found in the skins of red wine has been in the news lately. It is the most exciting nutrient I have ever studied, right up there with Green Tea Extract, Curcumin, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Acetyl L-Carnitine and Grape Seed Extract. Studies show that somewhere between 25 mgs to 300 mgs per day may have profound effects on reducing aging and the diseases that are associated with it. Resveratrol literally turns on 2 genes that are associated with longevity. When given to middle aged mice, and continued till death, Resveratrol dramatically increased life span, energy and decreased age related illnesses.
Perhaps, if I could only take one supplement, Resveratrol would be it.


Red Wine's Resveratrol May Help Battle Obesity...
Resveratrol, a compound present in grapes and red wine, reduces the number of fat cells and may one day be used to treat or prevent obesity, according to a new study. In the cell-based study, they found that resveratrol inhibited the pre-fat cells from increasing and prevented them from converting into mature fat cells. Also, resveratrol hindered fat storage. Most interesting, according to Fischer-Posovszky, was that resveratrol reduced production of certain cytokines (interleukins 6 and 8), substances that may be linked to the development of obesity-related disorders, such as diabetes and clogged coronary arteries. Also, resveratrol stimulated formation of a protein known to decrease the risk of heart attack. Obesity decreases this substance, called adiponectin.

Resveratrol, the phytonutrient in red wine, doubles exercise endurance in animal research ...
A drug based on resveratrol -- a phytonutrient found in red wine -- may double exercise endurance, fight obesity and prolong life, according to a new study by French researchers. The resveratrol mice were also found to have energy-charged muscles and a lower heart rate, much like trained athletes. "Resveratrol makes you look like a trained athlete without the training," Auwerx said. Previous studies of mice have indicated that moderate-to-high doses of resveratrol can activate a genetic mechanism that protects against the degenerative diseases of aging, as well as prolong life span by up to 30 percent.

Grape Compound Aids Cancer Chemotherapy, Study Says...
A compound found in grapes and grape products such as red wine shows natural cancer-fighting properties that might be important in preventing or treating the illness, according to scientists at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Scientists found that trans-Resveratrol, or Res, apparently helps turn off a protein in the body that prevents cancer cells from being killed, as they should. The protein, called NF-kappa B, attaches to DNA inside cell nuclei and turns genes on and off like a switch.

Resveratrol: Clinical and Anti-Aging Benefits...
The more we learn about resveratrol and its wide-ranging benefits in life-threatening diseases, the better it looks in terms of its preventive and therapeutic benefits—and overwhelming record of safety. Although optimum dosages of resveratrol for humans have not been definitively determined, based on our present state of knowledge, reasonable dosages for humans appear to be in the range of 1 to 10 mg per day for preventive and anti-aging purposes, and 10 to 100 mg per day for therapeutic purposes, with the higher doses recommended as an adjunctive part of a comprehensive anti-cancer regimen.

Resveratrol May Be a Longevity Molecule...
There is growing evidence that resveratrol has cardioprotective effects through a variety of mechanisms: it inhibits platelet aggregation, the proliferation of smooth-muscle cells, and the oxidation of LDL-cholesterol (probably through its strong antioxidant effects); it reduces the synthesis of certain lipids and eicosanoids that tend to promote atherosclerosis; and it suppresses certain cardiac arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats). Some of these effects may be due in part to resveratrol’s being a phytoestrogen, i.e., a plant compound that has biological activities similar to those of estrogens.1
Furthermore, resveratrol has demonstrated anticarcinogenic activity: it inhibits cellular events associated with the initiation, promotion, and progression of tumors through a wide range of actions that are still poorly understood. It appears to help detoxify carcinogens, to inhibit the synthesis of various cancer-related compounds, and to stimulate the genetic mechanism for the apoptosis (programmed death) of cancer cells.

Substance In Red Wine, Resveratrol, Found To Keep Hearts Young...
How, scientists wonder, do the French get away with a clean bill of heart health despite a diet loaded with saturated fats? Writing June 3 in the online, open-access journal Public Library of Science One, the researchers report that low doses of resveratrol in the diet of middle-aged mice has a widespread influence on the genetic levers of aging and may confer special protection on the heart.

Chemical In Red Wine, Fruits And Vegetables May Stop Cancer, Heart Disease, Depending On The Dose...
The next cancer drug might come straight from the grocery store, according to new research published in the November 2007 issue of The FASEB Journal. In the study, French scientists describe how high and low doses of polyphenols have different effects. Most notably, they found that very high doses of antioxidant polyphenols shut down and prevent cancerous tumors by cutting off the formation of new blood vessels needed for tumor growth. Polyphenols are commonly found in red wine, fruits, vegetables, and green tea.

Growing Evidence Links Resveratrol to Extended Life Span...
Based on his study of experimental life-span extension in mice,45 Dr. Richard A. Miller of the University of Michigan suggests that resveratrol may extend the human life span.
Dr. Miller speculates that with effects similar to those of caloric restriction, resveratrol could extend human longevity to about 112 or even 140 years of healthy life.

What Dose of Resveratrol Should Humans Take?...
Resveratrol and grape extract produce strongly similar effects, based on the gene-expression responses demonstrated in mice fed a relatively low dose of these compounds. Comparison of these groups with calorie-restricted mice shows a significant overlap in the three treatments’ regulation of similar biological pathways. These data add to the accumulating evidence that resveratrol triggers a biological response in mammals that is similar to that observed with caloric restriction, an intervention that is known to extend life span and protect against age-related diseases.2-5 These effects are observed even at a relatively low dose of resveratrol, indicating that a human-equivalent dose can be obtained through dietary supplementation with high-quality resveratrol products.

Special video report on longevity which includes information on Resveratrol...
In this third episode of the Charlie Rose Science Series, we examine the science of living longer with Paul Nurse of The Rockefeller University, Leonard Guarente of M.I.T., Cynthia Kenyon of UC San Francisco, Richard Weindruch of the Wisconsin National Primate Center, Robert Butler, President of the International Longevity Center, Jay Olshansky of the University of Illinois, Chicago, and Sue Levkoff of Harvard Medical School.

NSI Longevatrol Stabilized Red Wine Polyphenol Complex

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