Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Are you trying to lose weight, lack energy or mental sharpness? I have a solution for you... Give it a try.

A few weeks ago I highlighted a product called Mitochondria Energy Booster in a Blog about weight loss. I have recommended this product and similar formulations for a long time for improving energy, memory and mental sharpness, as well as it's ability to improve fat loss for people who exercise and or are dieting. Many of the nutrients in this formula I use as part of my anti-aging reversal program and products I have formulated like MENTAL FOCUS.

I know people are reluctant to try new things and aren't sure they would make a difference. I know how good the products are that I recommend because I use them and experiment continually with the ingredients in my own life and in my own formulations, but I know I am an exception in that regard.

Today I thought I might highlight what people are saying who have tried this product for themselves, in an effort to say to you, if it works for them, it might help you as well. Let me know if this kind of information helps and I will do more of this. Just e-mail me or use the comment box with any feed back you have. I always appreciate comments. Also, if you have had excellent results with any of my suggestions, lets hear from you as well. I think people benefit from these kind of testimonials.

Good health to you!!!


"This product really did wonders for my workouts especially during cardio. It takes a while to notice the difference but the ingredients do work! The CoQ10 and ALA are very beneficial.THANKS FOR THE "BOOST"!!!"
Age: 35-44
Gender: Male

Very good product,
"This product is the 1st I've ever tried that really worked to boost energy. Don't expect immediate results though. It takes time to work because it works on a cellular level. Within 2 weeks I had more energy. I can walk longer, faster, and further."

Amazing Results,
"A full milligram of B12 per serving for such a low price was originally what drew me to this product. The full list of ingredients, including beneficial levels of ALA & CoQ10 closed the deal. I've been taking the product for two months now and have noticed numerous benefits from it, including: more energy, a better memory, and an overall feeling of goodness. The bright orange capsules are easy to swallow and there are only 4 capsules per serving. I have not experienced the nausea other B-Vitamins have given me while taking this product. I will take this supplement for the rest of my life."

What a Surprise!,
"I've been taking CoQ 10 for several years for my heart condition. Didn't feel any difference but 'knew' it was helpful.Well, the first day I took the NSI Mitochondrial Energy Booster with 200 mg CoQ 10 I felt a big difference! I actually had more energy; it felt as though my circulation had improved.....And I hadn't been expecting any of this."
Age: 75
Gender: Female

Great Memory Booster,
"I read an article that said mitochondria helped to improve memory - so I thought I'd give it a try. It really works! It doesn't seem to do anything as far as giving me more energy, but I have noticed my memory retention is higher. Mitochondrial co-factors may help neurons function more efficiently, slash free radical production and lead to improvements in brain function. Sure worked for me!"

NSI Mitochondrial Energy Booster,
"I am 53 years old and I was feeling tired and coffee just was not helping. I saw an ad for NSI Mitochondrial Energy Booster with 200 mg of CoQ10 and decided to give it a try. It has really helped and now I use it every day! I recommended it to my parents who are in their 80's and I would recommend it to anyone who is experiencing fatigue."

CoQ10, B-complex, ALC, lipoic acid and more!,
"Wow, what a powerful combination of nutrients proven to benefit cellular energy health and function. If you bought them all separate you would take many more pills per day at double the cost! Great value as usual with NSI."

Good value - Good product,
"Pre this product I used to get ALC, ALA, Vitamin B's and CoQ10 separately. Now I get the same plus several minerals for a fair price. I do not know how the quality of the ingredients are compared to high quality brands. But it is for sure a potent formula that I recommend to anyone wanting to take the basic supplements for anti aging. I am about through with my first bottle and will order this once again. A plus would be the possibility to choose a similar formula with less CoQ10"
Age: 35-44
Gender: Male

NSI® Mitochondrial Energy Booster with 200 mg of CoQ10 enhances energy and supports cardiovascular health.

How does NSI® Mitochondrial Energy Booster work?
NSI® Mitochondrial Energy Booster with 200 mg of CoQ10 is a powerful formulation that helps boost energy at the cellular level. It contains Acetyl L-carnitine which helps transport fat through the cell membrane where it is more efficiently utilized in the mitochondria of the cell.
This product also contains Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), or ubiquinone, a naturally-occurring, vitamin-like nutrient. In its highest concentration, CoQ10 is found in cell mitochondria where energy is produced. This versatile antioxidant supports heart function and helps to convert food and oxygen into energy. It may support healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as a healthy immune system.

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