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Flip the right switch to lose body fat...

If you are reading this blog and looking to lose weight, especially stored fat around your belly, listen up. I am going to simplify everything for you by explaining foods as switches, that you can turn on or off. It’s always your choice which way you flip the switch, you need to know that. It’s really very simple. First a little detail on foods and some nutritional facts, so you can understand how the switches work.

The most important element in our diets is protein.
The word protein literally means, of first importance. There are 22 amino acids, 12 of which are considered essential for health.
The next most important are fats or essential fatty acids, 3 of which are essential for life.
Next comes carbohydrates, which are not essential, you can live without them. Recently, the Glycemic Index (GI) has become the benchmark for classifying carbohydrates. The glycemic index is a measure of how rapidly a particular food causes blood sugar to rise, compared with glucose. Foods are divided into high, medium or low glycemic index foods. The glycemic index is a new system for classifying carbohydrate-containing foods, according to how fast they raise blood-glucose levels inside the body. In simple terms, a food with a higher glycemic value raises blood glucose faster and is less beneficial to blood-sugar control than a food which scores lower. In this group, there are carbohydrates that are important for ideal health, and I will break them down.

The cultures that eat the most fruits and vegetables and lean meats have the lowest chronic disease. This is due to phytonutrients, the colors or pigments in these foods, and the antioxidant vitamins, minerals, and especially trace elements they contain as well as fiber. Fruits and vegetables are for the most part considered low glycemic foods, except for starches like potatoes, rice, bananas, etc.    Also the carbohydrate family includes, nuts, breads, grains, cereals and legumes. With the exception of legumes, like lentels, beans, and nuts (high in protein and good fats), most breads, grains and cereals tend to be high on the
glycemic index, which means they tend to raise blood sugar abnormally high. Two exceptions to this may be whole rye and whole barley, if they are not GMO, and in the case of rye, not gluten intolerant. 

What you need to know is this. As genetic switches, proteins like meat, fish, foul, dairy and eggs, lower your appetite and tells the body to produce
Glucagon, a hormone that signals the body to burn stored sugar and fat. High glycemic carbs, as described above, increase your appetite and tells the body to produce Insulin, which signals the body to store sugar and fat, for a rainy day. Belly fat is what occurs when you consume too much in the way of high glycemic foods on a daily basis. Fats are neutral, they don’t signal any hormone and for the most part, they lower your appetite, by keeping you full longer.

So if you want to lose body fat, eat 3 meals a day that contain a combination of proteins, fats, vegetables and a little fruit and eat at least 3 protein snacks between meals to signal sugar and fat burn. If you eat high gycemic foods as snacks, you are signaling the body to store sugar and fats, and you will gradually gain weight, unless you are extremely active, and even then I see lots of active people with belly fat they can't remove. They need to flip the right switch.

If your weight is normal I recommend The Paleo Diet

If you need to lose weight try Forever Changes Weight-Loss and Longevity Lifestyle Program, a do it yourself diet which factors in all the above priciples for you and makes it easy to do, Paleo follower or not. 


Children With Healthier Diets Do Better In School, Study Suggests…
A new study in the Journal of School Health reveals that children with healthy diets perform better in school than children with unhealthy diets. Students with an increased fruit and vegetable intake and less caloric intake from fat were significantly less likely to fail the literacy assessment. Relative to students in the group with the lowest DQI-I scores, students in the group with the best scores were 41 % less likely to fail the literacy assessment.

Cut Down on Sugar and Carbohydrates to Improve Health…
Have you ever eaten a big meal and then felt really hungry an hour later? You may feel like you never want to eat again, only to be feeling like you need a snack a short while later. You may find that it is often carbohydrate foods you are dreaming of, like bread, pasta, biscuits, or sugar. This is probably a sign that your body is experiencing fluctuating blood sugar levels. When your body is continually in this state for long periods of time, it can lead to diabetes, obesity, depression, and a whole range of other health issues. In fact, fluctuating blood sugar levels is the number one sign of aging.

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