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If you read my blogs and study my main website you know that I believe you should take charge of your own health & wellness.


Because nobody cares as much about you than YOU DO!!!

Doctors today are so busy and overwhelmed that they are lucky to get 15 minutes with you, when you go in to see them. They get 95% of their treatment knowledge from a drug rep that comes in and educates them on what the latest drug is for treatment of this or that.
They have little or no time to study alternative approaches that are as effective as drugs, but with little or no side effects. In fact, many of these alternative treatments have side benefits that go beyond treating the main issue that you went to your doctor to complain about.

It takes guts and some time to focus on your own health, but perhaps the studies below will give you a fire in the belly, to start.

"You're never too old to become younger"... Mae West


When the Cure Is Worse Than the Disease...
Mary wonders why the new young doctor she visited recently says to nearly every patient, after examining their throat, that it looks like their esophagus is being eroded by stomach acid and they need to start taking acid-blocking pills. He hands patients free samples provided by pharmaceutical companies. The patients are oblivious to the fact that if they begin using the drug, they may never be able to stop taking it without experiencing an excruciatingly painful bout of rebound heartburn.
One way to build an income in private medical practice is to hook patients on drugs that continually require re-examination, testing and prescription renewal.

Hospitals Are Some of the Most Dangerous Places ...
Ads touting the benefits of particular hospitals are common in big city newspapers, but on a recent day, I was struck by the sheer number of full-page ads for hospitals. In particular, one ad read: “For a healthy properly, exercise daily and visit St. Francis, the hospital with more of the best cardiac specialists than any other hospital...”
What do hospitals have to do with disease prevention? Virtually nothing. Visit St. Francis or any other hospital? Unless you need the ER, you may very well be putting your life at risk.

World's Greatest Medical Failures...
Modern medical science has made incredible advances and contributions which have alleviated pain and suffering. Surgical technique (the cutting apart and repairing of the human body) has made remarkable progress. Identification of germs that cause disease and improved sanitation, which aids in preventing that disease, have also seen vast achievements. Burn treatment, trauma, and emergency room care are nothing less than miraculous. When it comes to these areas of medical care, the value they bring to us is impossible to measure.
But…there is another side to this story. There is great failure in health care today -- and, as a result of that failure, great pain and unnecessary suffering. And it is important that, as you discover how badly the modern medical paradigm is failing, you take great care not to assign blame wrongly. Yes, there are incompetent doctors whose practices we all abhor, and we wish they could never practice medicine again, but this newsletter is not about them. Neither is it directed at the thousands of faithful health care workers who go about their daily jobs. Specifically, my purpose in this newsletter is to confront the very foundational philosophy and system of the modern medical paradigm -- a philosophy that costs trillions and a system that promises hope, but delivers misery.

Drugs Kill More People Than Ever, Report Finds...
The 2008, first quarter report of deaths and serious injuries associated with drug therapy was recently released by The Institute for Safe Medication Practices, a nonprofit organization whose stated goal is to educate the healthcare community and consumers about safe medication practices. The findings of this report are astounding. According to the information gathered from data submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration during the first quarter of 2008, there were 20,745 reported serious injuries associated with drug therapy, up 34% from the previous quarter, and up 38% from last year`s average. Even more eye-opening than the number of serious injuries is the number of reported deaths – 4,824 people were reported killed from pharmaceutical drugs in the first quarter of 2008, a 2.6 fold increase from the previous quarter. This figure represents the highest number of patient deaths ever reported in a single quarter as a result of drug therapy. It also accounts for more deaths than those due to homicide during the same period.

Serious Complications and Death Linked to Heart Imaging Drugs ...
The FDA has said it is still concerned that certain heart imaging dyes may lead to serious side effects and even deaths. "FDA remains concerned about the accumulating safety data pertaining to marketed ultrasound contrast agents, and the labels for these products that continue to contain a boxed warning that highlights the risk for serious cardiopulmonary reactions," FDA officials said. The agents in question are used during electrocardiograms, in which doctors use ultrasound to take a three-dimensional, real-time picture of the heart as a diagnostic tool.

What's the 3rd leading cause of death in America...
A Quarter-Million Doctor-Induced Deaths Annually: Iatrogenocide? What is the meaning of the word Iatrogenic: An iatrogenic disorder is a condition caused by medical personnel or procedures or through exposure to the environment of a health care facility, including fears instilled in patients by remarks or questions of examining physicians. ~Mosby's Medical Dictionary, 5th Edition, 1998

Pharmaceutical firms are inventing diseases to sell more drugs, researchers have warned...
Disease-mongering promotes non-existent diseases and exaggerates mild problems to boost profits, the Public Library of Science Medicine reported.
Researchers at Newcastle University in Australia said firms were putting healthy people at risk by medicalising conditions such as menopause.

The most powerful natural antioxidant known to man...
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