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Prepare now for the cold & flu season...

Fall begins officially this coming Monday. With fall comes the cold and flu season. If you start preparing now, you can be flu and cold free, or at the very least, extremely resistant and recuperate fast, but only if you start now.

People that know me, or know the clients I have that follow my advice, know that we seldom ever get colds or flu's. By seldom, I really mean almost never. If we do catch something, it may cause us to be abnormally tired for a day or so, or have a sniffle or two, but we don't get sick like most of America does, and that is a fact.

If you don't wait and end up dealing with colds and flu's as they come, your resistance can make this winter a much happier and healthy time, especially if the whole family participates.

There are 4 nutrients that effect your resistance to colds and flu's. These are vitamins A, C, D and Zinc. I am not going to take the time today to tell you all the reasons why these work, especially when taken together, but here is my promise... If they are taken soon enough and in high enough potency to make a difference, you and your family will swear by them, for years to come.

To make it simple, if you want to start this season, here are 2 products you can take that will give you and your family the protection you need.

Carlson Aces + Zn -- 120 Softgels - I would suggest adults take at least 2 capsules twice a day and children half that amount.

NSI Vitamin D3 -- 5,000 IU - 300 Capsules - I would suggest 1 capsule a day for adults and 2000 IU's for children. Drops are the easiest for kids.
NSI Liquid Vitamin D Drops - 2000 IU -- 1 fl oz

Please take a moment and watch the video's on vitamin D and also if you think soy is good for you, you will be surprised by the latest research, especially if you have allergies, or are a mother with a baby, or a vegetarian that eats tofu.

Getting younger everyday...


Video - The benefits of vitamin D on flu prevention and much more...

Video - The Real Story on Vitamin D

Video - The truth about soy foods and whether they are healthy for you...

Why Drug Companies Do Not Want You to Take Supplements ...
Supplements like Coenzyme Q10, amino acids, even a daily multiple vitamin can provide your body with natural health benefits. So why would the pharmaceutical companies have a problem with this? Think about it. If nutritional supplements worked for even a small portion of the people currently bound to their prescription medications for heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and other degenerative diseases, the drug companies would stand to lose a lot of money!That's why they spend tons of money trying to discredit anything that may even hint of helping you. Americans more than ever before realize the importance of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in not only preventing disease, but also in promoting good health.

Pain 'linked with low vitamin D' ...
Low levels of the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D, may contribute to chronic pain among women, scientists believe.

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