Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Are you suffering from allergies? Authoritites say this is one of the worst years on record...

I was watching a news special the other day that said we are having one of the worst allergy epidemics in years in this country.

When it comes to allergens, you have just a few choices. You can take over the counter drugs that treat the symptoms of allergies that often cause jittery nerves, elevated blood pressure and drowsiness. Why not consider taking the more natural approach and improve your immune function, and use natural nutrients that have antihistamine properties, with side benefits and none of the usual side effects of the over the counter alternatives. Severe allergies can be treated with Homeopathic Oral Antigens, which are like the shots that doctors use to improve immunity, without the needles. Kids can use them too, and we all know how much they hate shots.


Allergies and stuffy nose due to high histamine levels
Get your life back, with this new, all-natural formula that works in just a few days. It clears stuffy noses and helps balance histamine production, so you can tackle all your tasks, tissue-free.
ALLERBLOC is a synergistic combination of the nutrients:

Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Pantothenic Acid
Nettle Extract
Boswellia Serrata Extract
Cinnamon Extract


1. Helps balance histamine release.
2. Is an all-natural formula.
3. Is suitable for use by vegetarians.
4. Has no added artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Homeopathic Oral Antigens...

Why take shots when you can take Homeopathic Drops
under the tongue.

Become resistant to trees, flowers, insects, animals, poison Ivy,
Oak & Sumac, Dairy, Dust, Grasses & Weeds, Pollens of all kinds.

Click the link below...
MBI Nutraceuticals
Then click natural remedies, then allergy products...
Use as directed.

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