Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Is everyone feeling so good, that they are not interested in the biggest news to come out in the history of anti-aging medicine? Oh well!!!

Here are some recent studies that you may find interesting. I have been surprised how little response I have had on the Blogs I have been doing on the latest research on anti-aging, Resveratrol and the effects we now know it has on stopping the diseases of aging.

I guess no one is interested in staying young and healthy until they get sick. Perhaps you are all just playing and enjoying the summer. So, I will to.


Sun Exposure Saves Ten Times as Many Lives Via Vitamin D than Die From Skin Cancer ...
The number of lives saved by people doubling their sun exposure might be 10 times higher than the number of fatal skin cancers that would result, according to a study conducted by researchers at the Institute for Cancer Research in Oslo, Norway, and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.Exposure to the ultraviolet radiation from sunlight increases the risk of developing skin cancer, but also increases the body's production of vitamin D. The connection between vitamin D and bone health is well-known, and recent research suggests that a higher vitamin D intake might also provide protection against certain cancers, diabetes and multiple sclerosis. Vitamin D is also believed to help with the proper functioning of the immune system.

Uncorking the Fountain of Youth!...
See a womens point of view on Resveratrol research.

Black raspberries show potential against cancer...
Concentrated freeze-dried extracts from black raspberries may help prevent certain cancers by acting on multiple gene targets, suggests a new study with rats.
Over 2,000 genes were affected in the oesophagus of animals when they were exposed to a carcinogen, but normal function was restored in 462 genes after supplementation with freeze-dried black raspberries, researchers from Ohio State report.
Reporting their findings in the journal Cancer Research, the researchers state that 53 of these genes may be especially important in the development of cancer.

Burning Incense Increases Risk Of Respiratory Tract Cancers...
Long term use of incense increases the risk of developing cancers of the respiratory tract, according to a new study. The new analysis, which the authors say is the first prospective investigation of incense and cancer risk, appears in the October 1, 2008 issue of CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society.

Killer Carbs: Scientist Finds Key To Overeating As We Age...
A Monash University scientist has discovered key appetite control cells in the human brain degenerate over time, causing increased hunger and potentially weight-gain as we grow older. The research by Dr Zane Andrews, a neuroendocrinologist with Monash University's Department of Physiology, has been published in Nature.

Running Slows The Aging Clock, Researchers Find...
Regular running slows the effects of aging, according to a new study from Stanford University School of Medicine that has tracked 500 older runners for more than 20 years. Elderly runners have fewer disabilities, a longer span of active life and are half as likely as aging nonrunners to die early deaths, the research found.

New Study Confirms Periodontal Disease Linked To Heart Disease...
A newly published study in the Journal of Periodontology confirms recent findings that people with periodontal disease are at a greater risk of systemic diseases such as cardiovascular. Researchers found diseased gums released significantly higher levels of bacterial pro-inflammatory components, such as endotoxins, into the bloodstream in patients with severe periodontal disease compared to healthy patients. As a result, these harmful bacterial components in the blood could travel to other organs in the body, such as the heart, and cause harm.

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