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Nutrition in the news

Cinnamon and Chromium Reduce Blood Pressure...
Diet, Exercise, Cinnamon, and Chromium all support lower insulin levels and blood pressure.
Some foods that are known to promote insulin resistance—notably fats and sugars—are also associated with an increased risk for hypertension. Underscoring this relationship between glucose metabolism and blood pressure is the fact that certain anti diabetic drugs, which suppress insulin resistance, also lower blood pressure. The same is true of the best “drug” of all, physical exercise. Thankfully, some nutritional supplements are also beneficial in this regard, and leading the way are cinnamon and chromium.


Controlling Blood Sugar with Cinnamon...
Water-soluble cinnamon extract lowers glucose levels and improves lipid profile in diabetic mice.
If you attend any parties this holiday season, you’ll probably encounter some of the traditional delicacies we all enjoy so much: spice cake or pumpkin pie, baked apples or mulled cider—perhaps even one of those fruitcakes that get sent as gifts but are never actually eaten. And what do these goodies have in common besides being trotted out at this time of year? They usually contain cinnamon in one form or another. So unless you regularly eat cinnamon buns, cinnamon toast, or some other cinnamon-containing product, chances are you’ll be getting more cinnamon during the holidays than you usually do.
That’s a good thing, because a particular component of cinnamon helps keep blood sugar under control, and during the holiday season, we tend to eat more than the usual amounts of sugary and fatty foods, especially at parties. Controlling blood sugar is important all year round, though, so it would be good to have cinnamon on a regular basis. In the course of one year, the average person in our society consumes about 150 pounds of sugar, or about half a cup daily (teenage boys are the champions in this department, downing about twice as much sugar as any other age or gender group).


Introducing Orthomolecular Formulations BLOOD SUGAR HEALTH
This formula is designed to assist with regulation of blood sugar levels through improving insulin action and cell sensitivity.


Or if you want a complete product, try GLUCO VIT-MIN ...
This is a comprehensive multi-vitamin designed specially for the needs of those who require additional support in controlling blood sugar levels including additional nutrients and minerals known to be protective in such situations.

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