Friday, July 13, 2007


I am sure I am going to offend a few people with this post, but I have to voice my opinion here.
I look at modern medicine today and the pharmaceutical companies and I ask myself, is it all about the money?

Baby Boomers are aging and they are being targeted by ads on TV for drugs for this and drugs for that. Are the drug companies suppose to drum up business by scaring everyone to death about how they might have this condition, or they may have that disease, so they go see there doctor in a panic and get on the latest and greatest new wonder drug. And then there are those cute acronyms too, RA, COPD, RLS, HD, CVD, etc - etc...

I also see ads for what they are calling, I am sure for marketing purposes, Power Chairs. Rather than encouraging people to keep moving and teaching them that if you don't use it, you will lose it. Instead they are telling you how powerful you will become with the use of their POWER chairs. They are free, they will even bill medicare for you... Wow, how gracious of them. Isn't there more power in being able to walk around on your own, as long as you can?

What about all these ads for the Freedom you will now have with your new freedom oxygen tank. Also, to add insult to injury, there is now a TV show dedicated to teaching you how to LIVE with diabetes called the D-Life. How about teaching people how to reverse type 2 diabetes, instead of telling them how to just manage it, and then bombard them with blood sugar testing meters, which are just about all the ads I see when I have caught that program. Want to bet who sponsors that show?

Do I think these tools are helpful, yes, but they are not the goal.
I think there is more power and freedom in prevention and in educating people about the many ways they can take charge of their own health, and in caring enough to fight back the aging process, yourself.

It's starts with a concept... Optimal Health does not come from minimal efforts, bad diets, or supplements that are designed to just keep you from getting Rickets and Scurvy.

And it won't come from watching TV programs on how to manage or maintain diabetes, while watching from the comfort and freedom of your power chair and freedom oxygen tank.

Fight back people and take pride in good health!


Daily allowances for vitamins need to be changed, study says...
13/07/2007 - New recommended daily allowances for micronutrients need to be set if European regulation on the maximum levels of vitamins and minerals is to be successful, a study has said. "RDAs define the minimum required amount to maintain health by avoiding a specific deficiency state, below which risks will increase," the authors said.The researchers said that RDAs should take into account the vitamins ability to ward off more serious conditions, rather than being based simply on day-to-day nutritional needs. The authors wrote: "However,….we should envisage the development of a different physiological perspective in which the issue of optimum dosages not in relation to specific acute deficiency states but to long term (chronic) disease states, can be addressed."They add that current scientific models used to determine these levels also need to be updated, and note that little has changed with RDA levels in 50 years.

Why Take a Multivitamin? ...
Recently, many medical journals, newspapers, and popular magazines have reported new findings related to vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional supplements. They reported on their benefits in the maintenance of health and in the prevention of illness. For example, a recent issue of Prevention magazine contained an article about the health benefits of the top 10 vitamins and herbs. In this article, the multivitamin was listed as the single most important nutritional supplement for everyone to take.

More support for Med diet's heart benefits...
03/07/2007 - Consuming a Mediterranean-style diet, rich in fruit, vegetables and fish, may decrease oxidative damage to LDL cholesterol and protect against coronary heart disease, suggests a new study.

Christopher Wiechert, C.N.C.

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