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Enjoy this week's cutting edge research and begin to take charge of your own health.

If you take anti oxidants, you might want to consider switching up to this one, also called HydrogenBoost, as it is 800% more effective than any others tested. - More

Just taking 200 mcg supplement of this trace mineral, would eliminate the occurrence of breast cancer by 80%, in just one generation. - More

Do you take anti anxiety drugs?  Please watch this, but you can be weaned off, it takes time and the guidance of a nutritional professional, I have done it. - More

How much vitamin D should I take, to have it be effective and yet safe.  I like my clients above 60 to 80 np/ml, just FYI. - More

How dietary supplements can save you thousands in medical bills. - More

Do you have painful or swollen joints, skin that sags and or is droopy, try this. - More

Resources to benefit from the ideas above...
BioCell Collagen II and HA
Life Extension 2 A Day Multi - Has 200 mcgs Selenium
D3 10,000 IU's
D3 5,000 IU's

Christopher Wiechert,CNC is available for consultation on your health issues.  
Always see a medical doctor and get a second opinion, from a nutritionally oriented practitioner.  This is called Integrated Medicine.

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