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HealthBlogger Special Report - Being prepared for a potential Ebola outbreak 08-15-14

HealthBlogger Special Report

The potential threat of The Ebola Virus, is in the news.  If it comes to America, and begins to spread, I am sharing this information for any who might have the insight to think, being prepared, might be an intelligent thing to do. By being prepared, I mean having a holistic view to all your options, both medical and alternative.  In my own personal program, I am thinking it wise to consider a powerful anti stress adaptagen, immune modulators and anti viral nutraceuticals.  Here is information and resources for you to consider, if you are so inclined.  I have provided good information from reliable sources. Please take the time needed to get the full understanding of how these nutraceuticals work.  I hope you find this information valuable.  I take these myself.  It will be what I am doing. 
Good health to you.

Dr. Rath Foundation: The Ebola Epidemic, a chance to embrace natural medicine. - More

Dr. Thomas Levy MD: Vitamin C, antidote to all known toxins, even snake bite, viruses, bacterial infections, etc. - More

Proof Liposomal Vitamin C can do what modern medicine cannot, in deadly viral infections. - More

Are you getting enough C. - More

Dr. Mercola on the benefits of Liposomal C, which can be mega dosed without lose stools. - More

Vitamin D is better than any vaccine and increases the immune system by 3 to 5 times. - More

Dr. Karl Maret MD: Chaga Mushroom, the best anti stress adaptagen which is anti viral, and a powerful immune modulator. - More

What minerals help with fragile and broken capillaries. - More

Resources to benefit from the ideas above...
Liposomal C

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