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Testimonial: "I came to Christopher Wiechert because I wanted to quit smoking, lose weight and feel 
healthier.  I sent him a photo of my iris and his astounding knowledge of iridology told me that 
my lungs were inflamed and that I should definitely quit smoking.  It helped to give me the 
boost I needed to get started on my plan to quit.  I watched many of the video links he had on 
his HealthBlogger website and I quickly learned that the wheat grain the food industry fills our 
food with is terrible and inflammatory.  Based on Chris's recommendations, I quit eating wheat 
gluten, and maintained a whole food, plant based diet.  He also gave me a recommended list 
of supplements like Omega-3 for my inflamed knee joints from exercise, Cal/Mag for my anger 
issues, and wonderful supplement called Mucuna to help with the cigarette cravings and mood 
swings.  After 6 weeks on this program, I have lost 15 pounds, am training for a cycling race, I 
play softball 2 days a week, I've remained a non-smoker with a lot less irritation and struggle 
than ever before and I feel amazing. I have very little pain or soreness after working out 
extensively and I am able to get back out and do it again the next day.  I am a 33 year old 
woman with a very short history of physical exercise and I feel I've made lasting life changes 
thanks to Chris's help."   - J T - Oakland, CA              

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Tylenol can cause liver damage and death, be careful. - More

Serrapeptase enzyme found effective for removing breast cysts. - More

Coconut sugar, a low glycemic sweetener rich in amino acids and B vitamins. - More

Recommended Books:
The Great Cholesterol Myth
Drug Muggers, Which Medications Are Stealing Essential Nutrients

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"You are the victim of the sickness industry, unless you make a conscious effort to take charge of your own health." - C Wiechert

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