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HealthBlogger Special Nutraceutical Report - Why I am not a fan of juicing...



HealthBlogger Special Report

Why I am not a big fan of juicing...

A lot of people in the health field love juicing.  And while I would always recommend it over eating just the SAD (Standard American Diet), there are 3 big problems I have with it.

1. People often juice vegetables and fruits that are too high in natural sugars to be consumed on a daily basis.

2. Juicing or blending smoothies adds a tremendous amount of air (oxygen) into the mixture, which destroys much of the antioxidant benefits people are trying to get from the smoothies.

3. They often don't purchase organic fruits and veggies, so they get a lot of pesticides in their "Super Drink".

Here is a much better answer, and the one I choose to follow.  This would also apply to people who drink a lot of commercial fruit juices sold in the market place. Again, way, way too much sugar.

1. Find a great source of certified organic freeze dried  and powdered concentrates.

2. Buy them in capsules, which preserves and protects them from oxidation, right when they are freshly made. They will be much more convenient and more portable, too, especially for travel.

3. If you price it out, and consider your time, it is much less expensive as well.

Introducing Orac Energy Greens...
Many of us don’t eat the recommended 9 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. That is why ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) Energy® Greens is the perfect supplement to provide the antioxidant protection we all need. Our patented formula is the next generation in greens containing over 42 certified organic and pesticide free ingredients. These ingredients include highly bioavailable juice powders, aqua superfoods, freeze-dried berries and veggies, immune-supporting mushrooms, stress-harmonizing adaptogens, probiotics, and ecologically wild crafted and/or naturally grown herbal concentrates.
Over 40,000 total ORAC per serving, ORAC Energy® Greens provides the antioxidant power of more than 24 servings of fruits and vegetables in every 8 capsules. Don't want to take that many pills, just take 4 caps with breakfast, a month supply at 120 capsules per bottle, and you will get the benefits from 12 servings of fruits and veggies.   
Foot note: Initially ORAC values were based on 1 oxide radical. But now with the new improved industry standard that can test total ORAC values (five oxide radicals), we updated our label to reflect that versus our previous label. Our formula has not changed, but the testing protocol has been upgraded and our product demonstrated over 40,000 total ORAC which is what is now reflected in our updated label. Of course our product is still Lab Certified by Brunswick Labs whom are experts in ORAC testing.
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