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Refining our thinking on Paleo - Lets keep it pure...


In my 35 plus years of health consulting, I have changed from recommending a Macrobiotic Diet in the 70's, high in grains fruits and veggies, to one that focused on eating low glycemic.  Less refined grains, and oils derived from them, especially lowering starches, excess fruit and refined sugars, HFCS.
Then about 12 years ago, to the Paleo Diet, which excludes grains, dairy and legumes, high in vegetables, raw nuts, moderate meat consumption and restricts fruit to a more seasonal consumption level. 
The concepts of true paleo or ancestral, do reverse many health issues today, especially related to auto immune issues, type 2 diabetes, etc.
But as it becomes a fad, as most diets eventually do, it gets miss represented, and distorted from the true facts.  I agree with this researcher on her 3 main conclusions at the end.  
Also, there are 4 main evolution groups that are reflected in our blood types, A ,B, AB & O, that can tell us what we individually can handle or not genetically.
These I consider in personal evaluations with clients.  
For people who are sick and need to get well, I still prefer eating diets in this order based on their issues, at least till we get a handle on the root cause:

1. Paleo 
2. Low Glycemic, (a better definition of low carb)
3. Low Carb like Atkins
4. Mediterranean  

As a researcher / consultant, I am always committed to upgrading my thinking and approach, as new information becomes available. 
Maybe GMO's related to corn, wheat, and soy, so prevalent in our modern SAD Diet, are the main culprits.
I hate when things become a fad, because it always gets damaged or mucked up along the way, as people put their own spin on it. 

Debunking the Paleo Diet - TED 

"I like to hang around people who disagree with me. It's a great way to make sure you are thinking correctly. Always question your closely held beliefs."   C Wiechert

Here is what we do know about diet


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