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Learn how to deal with the biggest health issue we all face - Chronic Inflammation

You may not think of chronic inflammation when dealing with your particular health issue, but it is always involved to some degree. Everything from allergies to Alzheimer's, psoriasis to pancreatitis and cancer to cardiovascular disease.

If you have any painful health problem like arthritis, crohn's or fibromyalgia, these all have inflammation as there main culprit and if you control chronic inflammation, you for the most part control these health problems.

As we age we don't handle this natural process as well, and it becomes more and more of an issue. The good news you can test for chronic inflammation and deal with it naturally, very successfully.

A blood test for C-Reactive Protein can be ordered from your doctor. People with high CRP levels can be 3 times more likely to die from a fatal heart attack, or to develop diabetes or cancer. Once you know your number, your goal is to get it as close to normal as possible.

Statin drugs work by controlling inflammation, and can be very effective, but they can have nasty side affects. That's why I favor nutraceuticals when ever possible.

The first step in controlling chronic inflammation is to change your diet. I like the Hunter/Gatherer and or the Mediterranean Diets. Both of these are anti-inflammatory by nature, but you have to experiment with them both to see which one your genes prefer. You must get off of vegetable oils and use EVO instead. Vegetable oils are high in omega 6 fatty acids and are pro-inflammatory. While I used to recommend cold water fish a few times a week to get omega 3's, I cannot any more because of the heavy metal contaminates we are finding in them these days. The average American diet has a 20 to 1 ratio of omega 6 to omega 3's and it should be closer to a 1 to1 ratio. The American diet is very PRO-INFLAMMATORY.

The next biggest inflammation antagonist is sugar and or a high glycemic diet. Learn how to eat a low glycemic diet, and never go back.

Today I am sharing a couple of great articles and studies on chronic inflammation and the best nutraceuticals to deal with them, naturally.

Remember, it is never too late to become younger...


Inflammation - Chronic... A very in depth article with lots of good studies and recommendations from Life Extension Foundation.

Dr. Julius Torelli on Chronic Inflammation...

Dale True, editor of the Inflammation Wellness website, interviewed Julius Torelli, M.D. on a broad scope of topics related to the prevention and treatment of chronic inflammation. The interview took place in Dr. Torelli’s office in the Integrative Cardiology Center in High Point, North Carolina.

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