Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thanks for a great 2007 and lets be healthier in 2008...

Just wanted to thank everyone for a great 2007...
I will continue in 2008 to formulate great nutraceuticals from my new venture
Orthomolecular Formulations, make available to you other quality products with discounted prices, from reputable companies like NSI/VITACOST and provide the latest in health news and commentary. Last year you were among the first to know that vitamin K can remove calcium deposites from soft tissues and put that calcium into the bones where it belongs. If you did autopsies for a living, then you would know how important that is as most people die from complications due to calcium going where it does not belong.

You also learned that a combination of green tea extract, C and Lysine can stop abnormal tissue growth in it's tracks. We taught you the importance of uping your vitamin D levels way before the media picked it up and it's importance in cancer prevention. We taught you why you should use rye instead of wheat, potatoes or oats. These are just a few things I remembered sending you, and there will be many more coming to you this year as well.

Please continue to order NSI/VITACOST products using my link to the right of my
home page.

Are you listening??? Information and application is what separates the wise from the foolish.

Good health to all of you in 2008...


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