Sunday, December 30, 2007

The New Year is approaching, should you follow a Nutra System or call Jenny?

I know a lot of you will decide to do your annual diet regime after the New Years holiday. Studies show that 95% of all diets fail after the first year. Why do only 5% succeed? Because those 5% follow a diet that becomes their way of life. They change their habits permanently.
Buying packaged - portion controlled meals makes sense at first because it makes you eat less for a while and you will most likely lose weight. But in many cases, you will lose muscle, that you don't want to lose, along with some fat, and if you go back to your normal habit's, which you will if your program is packaged and done for you, you will gain it all back - plus some more fat.
This is called Yo Yo dieting, and it's what most people do. What ever you decide to do, here are some things to remember:

If a company tells you that they have the glycemic advantage, and they tell you that... now you can eat hamburgers and pizza, it's a lie. You are on a caloric restrictive diet designed to be easy and without much thought or effort on your part.

Caloric restriction is the least effective long term approach to fat lose and weight management.

Yes, these programs work, for now, but most won't do what it takes to make the results long term, so what is the point.

It is healthier to do nothing different and not Yo Yo diet. Yo Yo diets cause fat gain, muscle loss and promote diseases like Heart Disease and Cancer.

Long term changes in diet, like a life style approach that you can live with, does work and is the healthiest way to go.

Some of you are working against some metabolism issues like low thyroid, insulin resistance, and low cellular oxidation, caused by nutritional deficiencies that are correctable. They need to be corrected for a good dietary program to work successfully.

Every food you eat has a biochemical trigger associated with it. Proteins are essential to your health and cause your body to build muscle, and burn stored sugars and fats. Fats are essential to your health and are neutral, unless eaten with refined carbs or high glycemic foods. Your diet needs green leafy vegetables and fruits, foods with lots of colors and phytonutrients, but carbohydrates in general, are not essential. They are like a ballast in that the amount you eat determines how much fat you store, for that famine, that never comes.

If you don't change directions, you will end up where you are headed...

I recommend a Weight-Loss & Longevity Lifestyle Program. I also recommend that you be evaluated by a health care professional who understands the intricacies of cellular metabolism and who can make sure you are on track nutritionally.

The latest studies show that a low glycemic lifestyle with high quality protein and fats, is the best ways to lose body fat, keep your muscles intact, and that includes at least 1/2 hour every other day of walking and better yet, a workout program with a trainer to speed up your progress in the first 6 months of your lifestyle change.

Forever Changes Weight-Loss & Longevity Lifestyle Program
Developed by Christopher Wiechert, C.N.C.

Good health to all of you...

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