Thursday, March 29, 2007

Resveratrol in the news...

Resveratrol May Promote Numerous Anti-Inflammatory Benefits...
By Dr. Allen S. Josephs

For those of you who follow the nutrition news on a regular basis, there have been several studies discussed in the last few months touting the incredible benefits of resveratrol. There was a study published late last year from Harvard Medical School indicating that resveratrol, when given to mice in very large dosages equivalent to several hundred glasses of red wine per day, produced a significant extension of life span along with protecting the cells and organs from the damage elevated blood sugar causes. Further, resveratrol showed significant improvement in endurance and physical performance in the same study. There were a couple of interesting animal studies published earlier this month on resveratrol unrelated to life span or physical endurance. In one study published in the journal Life Science, a group of rats were treated with a chemical to induce elevated blood sugar along with damage to the nerve endings. Six weeks after this damage was induced, these mice were then supplemented with two weeks of resveratrol. The resveratrol produced a marked increase in catalase (a powerful antioxidant enzyme). There was also improvement in nerve function which was actually demonstrated on pathologic review of the nerves performed after supplementation with resveratrol. The researchers concluded that the study suggested the potential of resveratrol for the benefit of impaired nerve function produced by elevated blood sugar and that its protective effect may be mediated through a reduction in oxidative stress and DNA fragmentation (damage). In another study published March 2007 in Circulation Journal, researchers tested the effects of resveratrol on inflammation of the heart muscle cells of rats. It was found that resveratrol diminished the inflammation within three weeks. It measured a particular enzyme in the heart muscle called SIRT which was increased after resveratrol was given. Finally, in another study out of the M.D. Anderson Cancer Institute published in the March 2007 journal Blood, it was found that resveratrol seemed to inhibit the proliferation of abnormal cellular growth within the bone marrow. Resveratrol is truly one of the most amazing nutrients I have ever studied. It activates genes at the DNA level to produce repair and protective enzymes naturally by the cells. The fountain of youth may actually be a fountain of red wine high in resveratrol. Red wine does provide other benefits beyond resveratrol in the form called polyphenols. These are also powerful antioxidants. A 12 year study published in the British Medical Journal in May 1995 following over 13,000 men and women aged 30 - 70 indicated those who drank hard liquor had a 34% increase in mortality versus those who drank 3 - 5 glasses of wine having a 49% reduction in all cause mortality compared to those who never drank wine.
There are no drugs or surgeries capable of this dramatic reduction.


Christopher Wiechert, C.N.C.

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