Friday, March 09, 2007

Nutrition in the news...

Epidemic Deficiency of Vitamin E...
If people had to rely on the news media for accurate health information, they might be influenced into making some very poor decisions. For instance, new studies about vitamin E are published every week. The findings from virtually all of these studies, however, remain buried in scientific journals—that is, unless there is an unfavorable outcome. Since vitamin E is a popular supplement, the media turns negative results into headline news stories, thus leading Americans to believe that they do not need supplemental vitamin E.

The quackery of modern medicine (opinion)...
NewsTarget) The closer you look at conventional medicine, the more you realize just how much it's based on quackery. From the exaggerated claims of drug advertisements (which imply that swallowing patented chemicals will solve your life problems) to the absurd pro-drug, anti-nutrition regulatory proclamations by the FDA, the modern U.S. "sick care system" has become the laughing stock of the world.

Cocoa may reverse blood vessel damage, study...
3/7/2007 - Smokers should be encouraged to indulge their sweet tooth, judging from the results of a new study into how daily consumption of a specially-prepared cocoa beverage benefits blood vessel function.

Omega-3 may build grey matter, study...
09/03/2007 - A study presented this week proposes a mechanism by which omega-3 intake could have a bearing on a person's mood and outlook.

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