Saturday, February 10, 2007

Stomach surgery for kids, selenium and moderate sun exposure...

Researchers discover moderate sunlight exposure helps prevent skin cancer...
NewsTarget) To the surprise of scientists, while exposure to the sun's UV rays is the main cause of skin cancer, a recent study says some sunlight also can help prevent it. The idea of sunlight helping prevent skin cancer may sound like a paradox, but the key is exposure in moderation, immunology scientists at Stanford University found.

More kids having weight-loss surgery ...
NEW YORK - As the popularity of stomach surgery has skyrocketed among obese adults, a growing number of doctors are asking, "Why not children, too?"

Selenium plus multivitamins may slash prostate cancer risk...
2/5/2007 - Increased selenium intake in combination with a daily multivitamin may reduce the risk of prostate cancer by about 40 per cent, suggests new research.

COMMENT: The idea that doctors would start recommending children have stomach surgery discusses me. Parents have to take charge of their kids health and teach them the right things to eat. It's not easy but, surgery?... Please.... Life requires discipline sometimes, try changing the whole family over to The Ideal Diet.

Christopher Wiechert, C.N.C.

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