Monday, February 19, 2007

Nutrition in the news...

Common Drugs With Dangerous Side Effects And Their Natural Alternatives - 16 Top-Selling Prescription Drugs...
Many FDA-approved drugs are ineffective, unnecessary, and unsafe. They come with a slew of uncomfortable and dangerous side effects, including digestive upsets and headaches, liver and kidney impairment, and dependency. In some cases, they actually cause the very symptoms they are supposed to cure. Once you’re on one drug, you need others drugs to fix the side effects of the first one, putting you on what I call the prescription drug treadmill, draining your pockets and severely compromising your quality of life. You may need help as you age, but not that kind of help.

Eating fish during pregnancy boosts babies' communication, social skills...
A new study from the US National Institutes of Health and Bristol University that questioned 11,875 pregnant women on their dietary habits found that eating more fish during pregnancy resulted in significant, measurable benefits to the communication skills and social standing of their children seven years later.

Comment: Cold water fish contains omega 3 fatty acids which has EPA & DHA. Concentrated DHA has the best results with improving brain function.


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