Thursday, January 11, 2007

Make 2 changes in your dietary habits and lose weight and reduce future disease...

Egg-breakfast fills you up for longer...
05/01/2006 - Starting the day with an egg breakfast instead of another food with the same calorie count is more likely to lead to weight loss in overweight people, suggests new research.

US gets nearly 1/4 daily calories from drinks, report...
1/9/2007 - The results of a recent study on US beverage consumption could highlight opportunities for functional beverage marketers to inject more value-added beverages into a market that has become increasingly saturated with calorie-laden soft drinks.

Less sugary drinks during childhood may cut disease risk...
Symptoms of heart disease and diabetes usually seen in adults are increasingly being found in adolescents according to a longitudinal study, which suggests that reducing the intake of sugar-sweetened beverages during childhood may lessen the risk of chronic disease in later life.
"Research on obesity and associated problems such as hypertension and type-2 diabetes has largely dealt with adults," says Alison Ventura, doctoral candidate at Penn State's Center for Childhood Obesity Research. "But with increasing rates of obesity in children, we are seeing these problems at much younger ages."

Christopher Wiechert, C.N.C.

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