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How to mend a broken heart

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Dr Linus pauling's Unified Theory of Cardiovascular Disease ...

Over ten years ago, the two-time Nobel prize Laureate, Dr Linus Pauling and his associate Dr Matthias Rath, advocated and published a definitive thesis on the root cause, treatment, and actual cure for all forms of cardiovascular disease (CVD), including congestive heart failure, heart disease, and stroke. Today, cardiovascular related health problems together comprise fully one half of all causes of death in the US. Pauling and Rath's brilliant analysis of CVD is absolutely compelling and amply supported by numerous epidemiological and clinical studies. His unified theory of CVD constitutes one of the greatest breakthroughs in modern science, and yet has been almost completely ignored by the mainstream medical establishment, and received almost no press.

Paulings Unparalleled Credentials
Most doctors and other medical practitioners have not even heard the truth about CVD that Dr Pauling so convincingly revealed. This might be understandable if Pauling was just some anonymous unheard-of crackpot, lacking any serious credentials or reputation. But to the contrary, Pauling was one of the all-time greats of science. He was listed by the British Journal of Science in their list of the top 20 greatest scientists of all time. Pauling was the father of modern chemistry, unifying the fields of quantum mechanics and chemistry to reveal our modern understanding of chemical bonding and the synthesis of molecular compounds. His early work contributed greatly to the field genetics and our understanding of the double helix structure of DNA. Pauling was thirty years ahead of his time when he ushered in the modern era of alternative medicine with his concept of orthomolecular medicine and mega vitamin therapy. Orthomolecular medicine describes the practice of preventing and treating disease by providing the body with optimal amounts of substances, which are natural to the body. Linus Pauling first introduced the term, "orthomolecular" in a paper he wrote in the journal Science in 1968. This paper first described the theoretical foundations for what was later to become a specialty within complementary medicine In the sixties, Pauling waged almost single handedly a successful crusade against atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons; warning of the future fallout in the form of genetic diseases, cancers and numerous other serious health problems. His relentless work in this area yielded nuclear test banning treaties among the Soviets, US and other major powers, resulting in a cleaner, safer environment for us all.
Pauling was a scientist with uncommon vision and foresight matched by few in history. He had an unrivaled determination to cut through established beliefs and fallacies to get to the truth of any matter of his focus. When he reviewed peer scientific studies he always drew his own conclusions and tested the evidence, not to be swayed or fooled by preconceived conclusions. Only now, thirty years after he introduced the concepts of orthomolecular medicine, has the mainstream medical community even begun to stir a little and recognize the huge value of essential vitamins and nutrients in high doses for the prevention of numerous medical conditions. Pauling bucked mainstream opinion and wisdom in many areas of science, chemistry, medicine, and politics. And more often than not he proved to be well ahead of his time. When Pauling first advocated mega-doses of Vitamin C back in the seventies as a cure for the common cold, he was poo-pooed and mocked by the mainstream medical community, and yet today millions of people worldwide have discovered the benefits of Paulings advice. Still a healthy and vigorous man in his late 80s and early 90s, during his last years, Dr Linus Pauling with his fellow collaborator, Dr Rath, published "A Unified Theory of Human Cardiovascular Disease Leading the Way to the Abolition of This Disease as a Cause for Human Mortality". This monumental work has largely gone unnoticed because of the entrenched opinions and dogma of the mainstream medical community and their overseers, the multi-billion dollar international pharmaceutical industry. The fact that you have probably not heard about this discovery in the mainstream media is disturbing and speaks volumes on the power of big money and the effectiveness of the pharmaceutical industry's disinformation campaigns.

The Only Patent for the Cure of Cardiovascular Disease
Pauline and Raths theory of CVD is so scientifically compelling and demonstrable that in 1994 they were granted the only US patent for the cure of cardiovascular disease. This was no small feat since the US Office of Patents will only grant a patent for an invention that has been demonstrated to work. The non-prescription therapy advocated by Pauling and Rath has become know as the Pauline Therapy. The efficacy of the Pauline Therapy has been amply proven in thousands of cardiovascular patients who have been so fortunate to discover the remarkable treatment. The Pauline and Rath heart protocols in lower dosage levels will prevent cardiovascular disease and in higher dosages will actually reverse arterial plaque build up and reverse heart disease! Heart patients moving to the Pauling Therapy commonly avoid open-heart surgery and angioplasty. This is accomplished by dealing directly with the root causes of CVD and arterial plaque buildup. Almost without exception patients experience rapid recovery.

This study added a credible piece to the puzzle
Richard T. Lee, M.D., senior author of a study published by the American Heart Association says: "We have been taught for decades that when your heart cells are dead, they are dead and there is nothing we can do about it. We are excited about anything suggesting that we can grow more heart cells."
Lee and his colleagues tested 88O bioactive substances – including drugs and vitamins – approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to see if they stimulated the mouse stem cells to become heart muscle cells. The cells were genetically altered to give off a fluorescent bright green color when viewed under a microscrope if they had become heart muscle cells.
"We only got 1 out of the 88O to light up, and that was from ascorbic acid, the chemical commonly known as vitamin C," says Lee, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, and a lecturer in biological engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Mass.

Comment: About 3 years ago I began to have Heart problems that involved irregular heart beats and left side numbness as well and shortness of breath. I was very shocked, because I have been on a Life Extention Program for over 20 years. My doctor asked me an interesting question. He wanted to know if I have been to a dentist recently, and I said yes, to have deep cleaning, a root canal and a crown, why I asked. He proceeded in telling me that I probably had a slight heart murmur since a child and the stirring up of bacteria most likely caused an inflammation of my heart valve, a potentially fatal problem. He told me I should always take antibiotics a day before major dental work to prevent that from occurring in the future. It was news to me and I was angry and concerned, not to mention depressed, because I had tried so hard to keep my health at a optimal level, and here I was with such a major issue. Without going into a lot of detail here, I did my research, and used the program that these 2 scientists recommended and in about a year and a half, I have a totally new lease on life. The program works and I recommend it with all my heart. The full program I used is available through Q&A MAIL, listed below.

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