Friday, July 01, 2005


A new study links milk drinking with insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome. The British Women's Heart and Health Study examined 4,024 British women aged 60-79. The metabolic syndrome was defined as including diabetes or prediabetic states, along with at least two of the following: obesity, hypertension, and lipid disorders (high triglycerides, low HDL). Those who avoided milk were about half as likely to have the metabolic syndrome, compared to milk drinkers: The age-adjusted odds ratio for the metabolic syndrome was 0.55 (95% CI, 0.33 – 0.94).
The researchers conclude that individuals who do not drink milk may be protected against insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome, but note that controlled trials are required to establish cause and effect.

Lawlor DA, Ebrahim S, Timpson N, Davey Smith G. Avoiding milk is associated with a reduced risk of insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome: findings from the British Women's Heart and Health Study. Diabet Med. 2005;22:808-11.

Comment: Milk is high in lactose, a milk sugar that along with sucrose, fructose and glucose, are all associated with raising blood sugar levels and Hyperinsulinism. Milk is designed by nature to be used during the initial growth stages of mammals, and is not needed after weaning. If you do use dairy in your diet, use products that are slower sugar releasers like hard cheeses, low fat cottage cheese, whole or low fat yogurt and heavy cream and butter, which have little or no carbs. Prepared yogurt's with fruit added have huge amounts of sugars, including lactose, sugrose, fructose and high fructose corn syrup, which is the worst of all added sugars associated with Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity.


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