Sunday, July 24, 2005

Having your low carb lifestyle and .... eating it too

I have recently added back into my regular diet 2 carbs that I missed very much. As most of you know I believe that 75% of Americans are Carbohydrate Intolerant, and therefore cannot eat most high Glycemic foods without developing Metabolic Syndrome. The foods I have added back are rice and bread. The bread I found that can be eaten in moderation is called Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Bread. It is 100% flourless, being made from 6 different grains and legumes that are made from organic sources and sprouted, then mashed and made into bread. It has a low Glycemic level, is very high in fiber and protein. I eat 2 slices a day, usually with eggs in the morning. I mention this today because I have been very disappointed with the bread and cereal manufacturers for advertising lately how the government has revised their Food Pyramid and now recommend Whole Grains for a healthy lifestyle. The new Pyramid recommends less grains than the last one did, and emphasizes Whole Grains more than before. While I disagree with there assessment, and know that food lobbyist's were behind their choices, what really makes me mad is how they try to sell white flour and refined cereals, as Whole Grain. Nothing could be further from the truth. I won't belabor this point here today, but I hate when food companies tell lies to sell their products, especially with the twist that it's healthy for you and a wise choice for healthy conscious people. Please, spare me. Anyway, the second food I added back in Rice, was based on research I have been doing that indicated that, a small amount of Wild Rice would complement a mostly meat and vegetable meal. Wild Rice is a grass that grows wild in streams and is native to North America. Before it is refined to the Brown and White products that most people eat, it is loaded with nutrition and very high in fiber. The only problem with Wild Rice is it takes so long to cook (about an hour) and needs to be washed and strained after cooking, and therefore is not very convenient to cook, for most busy people. I recently ran across a product at Trader Joe's that made this problem go away, and made Wild Rice, an instant success. It carries the Trader Joe's label, and it comes in a handy pouch that you put in boiling water for 5 minutes. It has no preservatives and is just precooked Wild Rice, packed only in water. I gave it a try and was very impressed.

Ezekiel Bread can be found at Raley's in the Natural Food Refrigeration section and at Trader Joe's as well. If you keep these foods down to a reasonable level, say 50 grams of total carbs for the day, they will not elevate your insulin levels significantly, they will add back some useful fiber and nutrients, and can add a bit of comfort to your diet, that only carbs seem to do so well.


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