Thursday, March 24, 2005

Side Effects From Pharmaceutical Drugs Reach All-Time High

March 19, 2005

Big Pharma is currently engaged in all-out offensive to divert attention from the toxic effects of its drugs and to convince compliant bureaucrats that it is in fact natural supplements that need tighter regulation. New evidence, however, confirms that it is pharmaceutical drugs, not supplements, that are in need of far closer scrutiny.

Drug side effects and other related health problems reported to the Food and Drug Administration reached an all-time high in 2004. The FDA received roughly 422,500 adverse-event reports from pharmaceutical companies, health professionals and patients, up nearly 14% from the 370,887 reports filed in 2003.

As drug company sales rise, so do adverse side effect rates

The official figure is likely to vastly underestimate the true incidence of drug side effects--the bulk of the reports comes from drug manufacturers, which the FDA requires to file details of all known adverse events involving their products. Doctors, nurses and patients also file, but their reports are voluntary. As a result, the annual totals are believed to cover only a percentage of the actual number of serious drug reactions and problems.

A top FDA official said the agency believes the rise reflects a surge in prescription drug use, not any increase in health risk. "There are more drugs on the market and more use of pharmaceuticals in general," said Paul Seligman, director of the FDA's Office of Pharmacoepidemiology and Statistical Sciences. "Clearly, when you have more products on the market, you're likely to have more side effects."

Prescription drug sales totaled $235 billion nationally in 2004, a historic high that was up 8.3% from 2003 and more than triple the 1995 volume, according to IMS Health, a pharmaceutical market research firm.

Anthony Colpo is an independent researcher and certified fitness consultant with 20 years' experience in the physical conditioning arena.

Comment: Every effort should be made to get off prescription drugs and replace them with natural supplements whenever possible. Why? Drugs have side effects, natural supplements tend to have side benefits.


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