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Health benefits of Green tea

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Green tea has been used for centuries for its therapeutic and medicinal qualities. Asians particularly Chinese and Japanese drink one to two cups per day, as a cleanser for the body.

Benefits of green tea:
Green tea is known to be one of the strongest natural antioxidants. An antioxidant is a substance which fights disease by preventing cellular damage caused by free radicals. These free radicals can cause cancer, heart disease and many other life-threatening ailments.

Green tea takes its health benefits from its high levels of polyphenols, which neutralize free radicals in much the same way as antioxidants do. Polyphenols prevent the oxidation of cholesterol, thereby reducing blood vessel damage. This makes green tea a potent weapon against stroke and other cardiovascular ailments.

Green tea also acts as a mild diuretic, ridding the body of excess water.

It acts as a detoxifier for the blood.

It is good for teeth as it contains fluoride content.

Green tea is good for women experiencing menopause, as body needs more vitamins and minerals by this time and green tea is the goodrce of these nutrients.

It eases the circulation of blood in the body.

Regular consumption of green tea can reduce overall cholesterol levels as well as levels of LDL (harmful) cholesterol.

A reduction of overall blood pressure and heart disease is one of the most important benefits of green tea consumption and studies have proven that, for those who consume several cups daily, the risk for stroke and heart disease may be reduced by one-half.

Cancer risk can also be diminished by the use of green tea.

Green tea strengthens cellular DNA.

This inhibits cellular mutation and slows the growth of tumors which may already exist. Additionally, ointments prepared using green tea extracts have been shown effective in treating some types of skin cancer. For those undergoing chemotherapy, green tea serves to boost the activity of B cells, T cells and natural killer cells, which are key components of the immune system.

In countries where green tea is consumed on a regular basis, the cancer rates are significantly lower. Other benefits of green tea include being an aid to digestion and reducing dental plaque.

To obtain maximum benefits from green tea, four cups daily should be consumed, although even one cup daily can result in a marked improvement in general health. In cultures where green tea consumption is high, the rates of cancer and cardiovascular disease are drastically lower.

How to make green tea?
When using green tea for its health benefits, it is important to brew it properly. To brew loose green tea, drop one teaspoonful of tea into freshly-boiled water and let steep, covered, for five minutes before drinking. Timing is very important since allowing the tea to steep for a longer or shorter time will affect the antioxidant properties. Never reuse leaves or teabags, since a large part of the healthful properties will not be present.
Green tea is marketed in health food stores and in many of the larger supermarkets. There are several varieties from both Japan and China whick contain the same healthful benefits. When choosing a green tea, always purchase the highest quality available since the higher grades contain even higher polyphenol levels. Fresh green tea leaves should be a light yellow or light green. If the leaves have a brown tint, it usually means that the tea is not fresh and the potency is reduced.

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