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HealthBlogger Special Report - A Totally New Look At Health, Wellness and Longevity...

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HealthBlogger Special Report

According to Dr. Ed Park, MD, one of the worlds authorities on Telomerase Therapy, there maybe only one disease that truly causes our demise, now that humans have conquered infections and poor sanitation, in our modern age. There is only one disease, telomere erosion.

According to Dr. Joel Wallach, MS, DVM, NDwe need 90 Essential Nutrients for our genes to function optimally and to protect us from telomere erosion. In fact the only reason we eat food is to obtain these nutrients out of our food.

Dr. Patrick Flanagan, one of the most brilliant scientists ever born on earth, says the main reason humans eat green leafy vegetables and fruits is to obtain Carbon and Hydrogen, thus the term Carbo-Hydrates. When we are young, we have an ample amount of an enzyme called dehydrogenase, that breaks down these foods easily into negative hydrogen ions. As we get older, we become inefficient at this process, and it decreases our ability to protect us from DNA damage. While oxygen is critical for life, it also creates free radicals (rust). Hydrogen contains free negative ions that quench these free radicals, and is the strongest anti oxidant in the world.  

When oxygen and hydrogen are in balance we stay healthy, and detoxified, and the beautiful thing is, the left over byproduct is H2O, water. Nature is so smart. We call this Redox Potential.
Hydrogen is in fact what burns the oxygen which produces heat and energy in the process. He discovered and invented a nutraceutical that not only hydrates the body, and is the most powerful anti oxidant in the world, but has also been proven to increase the life span of animal cells by 4 times, making it a Telomerase Activator, just like Rechargeastragaloside IV and cycloastragenol do, concentrated extracts from astragalus root.  It also up regulates NAD in the process, which corrects poor communication between cells, as we age.

So here we have 3 great minds, inventors and innovators, but who is right?

Well I have 40 years of experience in natural health, 35 years of which have been in anti aging research. I believe they are all right, and put together, they solve almost every issue I have been studying for 40 years, that affects a long and optimal health span.
The other key element we get from the sun and some foods is vitamin D3, which I have been studying for over 18 years, extensively. Vitamin D3 is needed by every cell in the body, is integral for our immune function, and is also one of the biggest telomere length protectors, out there. It's ability to protect us from cancer is unmatched
Of course it is part of The Mighty 90, but to be therapeutic, it needs to be taken in optimal amounts, about 40 times our weight.  Basically the optimal amount is between 5,000 to 10,000 IU's per day.

There you have it. Based on the most recent studies in all these areas, and based on the unprecedented results all of these therapies are achieving with clients and patients around the world, I have updated my anti aging program to reflect all of these advances. 
It's what I take, and it is listed here for anyone who wants to take advantage of one or all concepts, as they are outlined.
Good health to you.

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Resources to benefit from the ideas above:
Recharge - Formulated by Dr. Ed Park, MD
Astragaloside IV
The Mighty 90 - Formulated by Dr. Wallach
Mega Hydrate - Formulated by Dr. Flanagan

Recommended Books:

Always see a medical doctor and get a second opinion, from a nutritionally oriented practitioner before starting any program. This is called an Integrated or Complementary Therapy approach.


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