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HealthBlogger Special Report - Enlightenment and Optimal Health, The Formula

HealthBlogger Special Report

An hour of your time, to learn how to have optimal health and become enlightened.  
It's all here, If you take the time, and watch these 2, 30 minute videos.  You might have to view these a few times, until it gets all the way in. The concepts are against most of the programming we have had during our first 7 years of life. This information doesn't come by accident, only by INTENTION.

I teach health, wellness, intention and how to work toward a life of enlightenment.  I get a lot of grief about these sometimes, because people don't believe they're possible, at least, they THINK that to be true.

"On the issue of enlightenment: I don't judge people as to where they are, but purely on where they want to go. We are all at some stage of growth in life. When you find a person traveling the path of life, feed and water them." Christopher Wiechert

The science has been done, it's all here, and I have condensed it down to an hour in just 2 videos.
You must focus Grasshopper, or you will not SEE this, so don't multi task, pay strict attention.

"Focus on the things, you don't see... Special Eyes."
Christopher Wiechert

Genes do not control our health destiny,our environment does. What is our environment? It's what we take into our bodies and or what we are lacking, that is either good or bad for us.
It is simply the food we take in, the water we drink, the air we breathe, these effect the blood which feeds every cell, and the thoughts we take in or create in our mind.
Enlightenment comes from developing higher levels of consciousness, than the 5% we usually use, at any given time of day.  

Here is The Formula in 2 videos.  The science is called Epigenetics, or above the genes.   
Books and resources include below.

"If a person only wants to hear things that reinforce their own beliefs, thinkers will always be labeled as arrogant because they dare to think out of the proverbial box. Enlightenment only comes when we accept the idea that our ideas could be wrong, and ask, what do you have for me today to challenge my beliefs. I am open." 
Christopher Wiechert

Resources to benefit from the ideas above...

Christopher Wiechert,CNC is available for consultation on your health issues.  
Always see a medical doctor and get a second opinion, from a nutritionally oriented practitioner.  This is called Integrated Medicine.

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Also, here is some other information.

Introducing The End Of The Genetic Theory Of Disease Transmission...

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