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HealthBlogger Special Nutraceutical Dietary Report 07-11-14

HealthBlogger Special Report

Expensive urine, or cheap insurance?

Andrew Saul and myself, separately, have been using and recommending vitamins and minerals for over 35 years. We take quality ones, and we feel they not only work, but are very effective.  Dr. Joel Wallach has proven that we need 90 nutrients a day to remain healthy and for the body to heal properly.  The Pharmaceutical companies make cheap vitamins, that are designed not to work.  You know them as Centrum, One A Day, etc. These cheap supplements are the ones they use in their studies, to prove vitamins don't work.

Today, I want you to be the judge. 

The first article is from The Week, and argues against vitamins.  You will notice it is written by a Staff Writer, not a doctor.  These are put out regularly by the media, and are fed to them from Big Pharma, as a way to convince Americans, to stop taking vitamins.  They argue they are worthless.

Then I am offering a review from Andrew Saul, which I whole heartily agree with, as to what is really going on here.  While he is not talking about this article, I think you will get the point, and see who is really profiting from them, and their motives behind them.

Lastly, I will share statistics on how Big Pharma and The Medical Community stack up, on creating health and the risks of using drugs as treatment for disease.  This is from a blog I did in 2005.

Enjoy, it's quite amusing how transparent it is, at least to me.  Now, you have to decide who is right and who to follow.  

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