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"I can't say enough about the knowledge and insight Christopher has in the area of nutrition, it has changed my life!  I have PCOS and suffered with Epstein-Barr virus in the past and never regained all my strength and energy back.  
I was tired often and my weakened immune system kept me chronically ill with sinus infections, allergies and the like.  Christopher came highly recommended and after two sessions I could see why.  He assessed my medical/nutritional history and came up with a plan of supplements and diet specific for my body.  Within weeks I noticed my digestion was improving and in 4-6 months I saw a significant improvement in my energy level and overall health.  It has been a year since I saw Christopher and I continue to take the supplements and follow a low carb way of life.  I feel alive and healthy again!  I have energy to play and keep up with my 3 year old!  For the first time in 6 years I have not had a sinus infection!  My allergy attacks have been few and the times I do get sick are short lived and much milder than before.  In addition, I was able to loose some stubborn fat that seemed to only come off when going "low carb."  I'm so thankful I was introduced to Christopher!"  

- S W, Registered Nurse - California

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