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Longevity update:   25 of the 35 years I have been working with anti-aging as my primary focus in dealing with clients' health.  As far back as 20 years ago, when I founded Opti Health Weight-loss and Longevity, it was not uncommon for a client of mine to begin their program and, in 1 year, look and feel 10 years younger.  Then as science progressed further, as well as my knowledge and skills, we began to see we had the ability to slow aging down to a very, very slow crawl.  
But in 2013 as I write this blog, we have begun the decade of negative aging.  This means regenerative medicine is here, not with drugs necessarily, but using Nutraceuticals instead.  Stay tuned as I roll this information out.  I am already on the cutting edge of this research and I am already using the techniques in my own program, and of those that are crazy enough, or smart enough,  to join me.   - cw

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Resources to benefit from the ideas above...
Astragalus Root Extract - To increase telomerase, you must take between 30 to 60 small capsules a day, depending on age. - You should do this with consultation only.
TA-65 - The only supplement that has been shown to reverse aging.
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