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"You're never too old to grow younger."  Mae West 

First a message from the author of Wheat Belly...


By William Davis, MD

I’ll bet you pride yourself on living a pretty clean life.

It’s doubtful that I’d stumble on you in some alley, track marks up your arms, lying in a puddle of your own urine, unconscious from a night of shooting up heroin, snorting coke, or smoking crack. And you probably have all or most of your teeth, unlike the toothless addicts on methamphetamine.

Perhaps you even avoid or minimize your use of softer recreational drugs in cigarettes and alcoholic beverages. You likely adhere to healthy practices and keep such indulgences to a minimum.
The truth is that you’ve been doping it up for most of your life. You’ve been doping it up with an opiate, not unlike heroin, Oxycontin, or morphine. You’ve been doping it up for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. No tracks, no toothlessness, no pee stains on your trousers, no cardboard sign reading “I’m homeless and need help” . . . but you’ve still been doping it up.
You’ve been cleverly disguising your opiate of choice as muffins, bagels, cookies, breakfast cereals, and sandwiches. Of the many dark and hidden issues surrounding modern wheat, the addictive mind effects of the gliadin protein are among the most troublesome.
Have a couple of slices of whole wheat bread and the gliadin protein within is digested via stomach acid and pancreatic enzymes to a collection of polypeptides (small proteins) called exorphins, or exogenously-derived morphine-like compounds, as they were first called by the National Institutes of Health researchers who discovered them. Wheat-derived exorphins cross into the brain and bind to opiate receptors (the delta class of opiate receptors, for you neuroscience people). Different wheat exorphins, such as the A5 pentapeptide, differ in their binding potency, but as a whole, the wheat exorphins exert opiate-like effects.
Unlike heroine or morphine, however, the combination of receptors bound cause wheat exorphins to not provide relief from pain, nor the “high” of other opiates. Wheat exorphins “only” cause addictive behavior and appetite stimulation. People who consume wheat increase calorie consumption by around 440 calories per day, every day, feeding their habit and ensuring a constant flow of wheat-derived products. And appetite is stimulated but not for salmon and asparagus, but for junk carbohydrates like cookies, cupcakes, chips, and soft drinks. (Conversely, remove wheat and calorie consumption goes down by around 440 calories per day, every day.)
Stop the flow of wheat and a distinct opiate withdrawal process results in 35-40% of people: nausea, headache, anxiety or panic, fatigue, and depression, generally lasting 3-5 days, occasionally longer. The same phenomena can be reproduced by administering an opiate-blocking drug to the wheat-consuming individual.
Just as the tobacco industry doped their cigarettes for years with added nicotine to increase addictive potential, so Big Food has likewise been doping their foods by adding wheat to every conceivable processed food. Wheat is in nearly all breakfast cereals, candy, granola bars, canned tomato soup, powdered instant soups, taco seasoning, and licorice. Show me a processed food product and I’ll show you something that contains wheat.
Just as the sleazy drug dealer selling you your next hit of crack or heroin profits from your continued addiction, so Big Food acts as your opiate dealer in the wheat exorphin world of addiction. And, just as the drug dealer knows you will be back, else you will suffer withdrawal, sweating, hallucinating, finally begging for your next hit, so Big Food knows you will be back within hours as you begin the exorphin withdrawal process—tremulous, cranky, and foggy . . . until you get your next hit of a bite of pretzel or bread.
William Davis, MD
Author of #1 New York Times Bestseller Wheat Belly: Lose the wheat, lose the weight and find your path back to health published by Rodale, Inc.

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