Monday, September 24, 2012

Reality Check... I Am Waving A White Flag... Adapt Or Die.

Today I am announcing that I am, in essence, waving a white flag and rethinking my approach with clients and my HealthBlogger readers.

It is estimated that 68% of America is overweight and that 40% are obese. Metabolic Syndrome is out of control. It is also estimated that this will be the first generation that many children well die before there parents due to chronic disease. We need to ADAPT or DIE!!!

For 12 years I have adopted a Paleo lifestyle for myself and have recommended others to do so as well.  
I am convinced by my research that this is the diet that is best for our genes. If fully adopted it is the best diet to fix the out of control obesity issue as well as all the conditions that come with Metabolic Syndrome.

Because it removes grains, dairy, and legumes, it automatically removes the worst offending GMO foods and the foods associated with the most allergic reactions.

But, and this is a big but, my conversion rate of clients adopting this form of eating is less than 5%. Even if I have them do it for a month and they see how much better they feel, they still can't be disciplined enough to stay on it without cheating so much it doesn't really work. Don't get me wrong, I still recommend it but I have to be realistic here if I want to help my clients.  Why it works.

Why such a bad conversion to the Paleo Diet?  
Because these foods are too prevalent, convenient, and addictive.  In fact, our genes are designed to gorge on starchy high sugar foods to gain weight for the winter because they were so hard to find in our Paleo past.   We now have them 365 days a year.

In my effort to serve people with realistic answers, I have rethought the whole thing and have decided I must first focus on helping the body adapt to these modern dietary stressers and modulate the hormones that cause the most havoc: i.e., insulin, cortisol, serotonin, and dopamine. Also at play is the constant attack on our immune system causing it to overreact to toxins like lectins and gluten

Using Nutrigenomics and Nutraceuticals, studies show that we can modulate the hormones associated with hunger and fat accumulation (insulin), mood and satisfaction (serotonin), anxiety and addiction (dopamine), stress over reaction, and belly fat accumulation (cortisol). We can also modulate immune function so if it is over stimulated, as in an auto immune condition, or suppressed, like in Aids, the body can repair and balance itself out over time.

I have incorporated these concepts into my own program and I am slowly incorporating them into the programs of those I work with.

This can all be done by using an anti-aging program and not by treating the specific diseases.  This is done by altering gene expression, by turning on and off genes.  Resveratrol featured on 60 Minutes.

See the article - How Resveratrol Combats The Leading Causes Of Death 

Here is the program I am currently using myself.
Christopher Wiechert's Nutrigenomic Regenerative Anti Aging Program...  

Also, probiotics may be needed for a while to help restore your digestive track.

Always check with your doctor before trying a program like this, especially if you are on medications. You may have to lower them or get off them altogether. Find a doctor who will work with you and explain your desire to taper off drugs that can have side effects.

Follow a Low Glycemic Diet - Lower your carbs down to around 100 grams average a day. 50 grams to help lose fat and no more than 150 grams to maintain where you are.  

Remember... "You're never too old to become younger."  May West


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