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Cancer Without Disease - The new approach to the prevention and reversal of cancer...

Everyday we get cancer cells in our body and, if our immune system is healthy, we keep them in check.
When our immune system gets imbalanced or the burdens of oxidative stress or toxins become overwhelming, these abnormal cells can grow out of control, metastasize, and spread to other parts of the body.  When this happens it is very difficult to reverse.
Whenever possible, the key to cancer is prevention and/or have cancer without disease.
The new approaches for treating and preventing cancer are very exciting but are not common knowledge.
Today the standard approach is to wait until the disease gets obvious enough by doctors to require intervention and then use chemo therapy and radiation to kill the cancerous cells.
This is not the approach that I would use.  As a researcher and consultant I have access to new information that has not become public knowledge and may, in fact, be purposely downplayed by special interests.

The new approach to cancer treatment focuses on 3 main areas:
1.  Anti-Angiogenesis - Stopping the growth of blood vessels 
2.  Metastasis - Stopping cancer cells from moving from a controlled encapsulation (tumor) and spreading
3.  Stimulate the thymus to create natural killer cells

Here are 3 short videos that explain how this works. 

How much can diet play in this natural approach for cancer prevention and treatment...

Click - List of Anti-Angiogenic foods

Modified Citrus Pectin and it's role in blocking inflammation from Galectin 3 - and it's effect on heart disease and cancer.

Click - Fighting metastasis and heavy metal toxicities with MCP 

Click - Inhibition of cancer cell growth and metastasis with MCP

Cancer can be stopped if you can stop collagen digestive enzymes from breaking down healthy tissue.  Dr. Mathias Rath, MD

Click - Dr Rath's metabolic approach to cancer

How to take charge of your own treatment and prevention of cancer.

Here is a sample program that would incorporate the information above.  I use these myself and can help you and your doctor integrate them into a supportive protocol for you if desired.  Contact me. 

Modified Citrus Pectin

C, Lysine, Proline, Quercetin.,Green Tea Ext.

Eclectic Institute Mushroom 7 Blend

Resveratrol Complex

Natural Selenium

D3 - 10,000 IU's with K2 and Iodine

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