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Speeding up regenerative powers as we age, by stimulation of natural human stem cells...

There are 2 things going on in the body everyday; detoxifying of toxins, heavy metals, and free radicals and the elimination of old dying cells.  Many people refer to this as cleansing.  
The second thing is the rebuilding and repairing of the cells that have worn out.  We call this regenerationTo be really healthy as we age, we need to do both well.
A few years back I introduced Protandim.  It deals with detoxification, inflammation, and free radicals better than any other single supplement I have researched.  I take it everyday as it lowers oxidative stress at any age to that of a 20 year old and increases the production of SOD, Catalase, and Glutathione Peroxidase.
Rebuilding, however, is a whole other issue that becomes more and more difficult as we age.  
Aren't the golden years fun?!!!
When we are young our bodies produce adult stem cells in the bone and migrate them into the blood stream to look for damaged cells and organs.  When they find them they become those specialized cells and they do a wonderful job in repairing them.  As we age, especially after child bearing years, it becomes more and more difficult to stimulate those repairing cells and thus we become more and more frail.
For the last 3 years I have been studying a number of companies and nutraceuticals that have proven their ability over time to stimulate the production and migration of natural stem cells into the body, thus bringing us closer to our youthful regenerative capacity.  Stem cells can repair anywhere there is blood circulation.  They will not repair heart valves as they have no blood supply.
I have listed below supportive information, including links, to a program I have developed for anyone interested.  
Updated 01-11-13 

Astragalus Can Reverse Aging... 

Caloric Restriction Extends Lifespan By Increasing Stem Cells...

Pterostilbene Mimics Caloric Restriction... 

 "You're never too old to become younger."  Mae West

Christopher Wiechert's Nutrigenomic Regenerative Anti Aging 

This program is designed to slow and even reverse age related health issues.  It supplies all the nutrients needed by the body, and triggers genes that activate telomerasemodulate and normalize the immune system, as well as using resveratrol-stilbene compounds to help the body deal with the 5 leading causes of death, as we age.  Protects mitochondria and DNA from damage, and increases the number of mitochondria produced, called mitochondrial biogenesis.  Genes triggered, Sirt 1 & 2, Daf 16, also called Sweet 16.  
Program mimics caloric restriction and therefore stimulates natural stem cells.

Increase life span by lowering carbs and concentrating nutrient density...

Cutting carbs makes you live longer...

The Diet that fits our genetic makeup...

At least reduce or eliminate Gluten and most Dairy.

Supplements...  Build up dosages slowly.
Orac Energy Greens - Take 2 to 4 caps w/ BFT and 2 to 4 caps w/ DNR

Pine Bark Ext (Generic Pycnogenol) - Take 1 w/ BFT & 1 w/ DNR

Krill Oil w/ EPA/DHA & Astaxanthin - Take 2 caps w/ BFT

Vitamin D3 - 10,000 IU's - Take 1 cap w/ BFT

Fo Ti / Ho Shou Wu - Take 2 caps w/ BFT and 2 w/ DNR

Astragalus Root - Take 2 caps w/ BFT and 2 w/ DNR

Red Reishi - Take 1 cap w/ BFT and 1 w/ DNR


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