Sunday, October 11, 2009

2 new things to report this week...

There are some great articles, studies, and videos in this week's blog. In my first few articles I have focused on 2 things that I have just discovered that I think are of major importance.

The first is a report on a nutraceutical called L-Carnosine. As described in the report, Carnosine has the remarkable ability to rejuvenate cells approaching senescence (the end of the life cycle of dividing cells), helping support normal appearance and cellular lifespan. As an antioxidant, carnosine effectively helps to neutralize the most destructive of free radicals: the hydroxyl radical, superoxide, singlet oxygen, and the peroxyl radical. Carnosine may contain antioxidant properties that help support the functional life of the body's key building blocks: cells, proteins, DNA, and lipids.

The second thing I discovered this week is a recent study from The Life Extension Foundation, that shows that regular CoQ10 (that comes in powder form from Japan) works well for most people. But in people with Congestive Heart Failure, it's assimilation is not near enough to support heart health and the benefits that studies have shown it has in heart disease prevention and improvement.
The normal form of CoQ10 is what is called the oxidized or the ubiquinone form. The body enzymatically converts it to the reduced or ubiquinol, form before it can be of any benefit. In patients with fluid retention, that often comes with CHF, this process in negatively effected. The researchers have discovered that taking CoQ10 in the reduced ubiquinol form increases the absorption as much as 8 times.
The bottom line is this. Regular CoQ10 does not work in those with CHF and it is the first line in alternative medicine for improvement in this disease.
I had to make a change in my own program immediately to Ubiquinol, from the ubiquinone form I usually take. I was taking 600 mgs of normal CoQ10 and getting maybe 75 mgs into my system. Now I will be taking 400 mgs of the reduced form, and it will be like getting 1200 mgs into my system, of the oxidized form.
This is why continual research is so important, and why it can make a major difference in the results you are looking for and expecting from nutraceuticals.

If you know anyone with CHF and they are using supplements like CoQ10 to improve their health, please forward them this Blog.

Enjoy this week's studies and remember...

You are never too old to get younger.


Barron Report: Healthy Aging & Turning Back the Clock...
The End of Old Age - I’m not a big believer in magic bullets. Everything I’ve ever learned says that you’re only as strong as your weakest link. That’s why I’ve always preached that the key to health is raising your entire Baseline of Health. But that said, I have to admit that what we’re talking about here today is a uniquely important anti-aging discovery.
What’s the Secret? - The substance I’m talking about is L-Carnosine. It’s a naturally occurring combination of two amino acids, alanine and histadine, that was discovered in Russia in the early 1900s. Because much of the research was done in Russia, it has been largely unavailable in the United States until recently. Now, though, there have been a number of studies and experiments in other parts of the world verifying everything done in Russia – and more.

Alleviating Congestive Heart Failure with Coenzyme Q10...
One of the most frequent causes of hospital admissions in older adults is the devastating condition known as congestive heart failure. Characterized by disabling symptoms of difficulty breathing, fatigue, and swelling of the extremities, congestive heart failure also increases the risk of early demise. Fortunately, scientists have discovered that the mitochondrial energizer coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) can offer powerful assistance to those challenged with congestive heart failure, improving the heart’s pumping ability and even reducing the need for medications. Since CoQ10 levels are depleted by aging and statin medications and tend to be low in those with congestive heart failure, achieving optimal blood levels of CoQ10 may be an important strategy for safeguarding cardiac health.

Congestive Heart Failure - The Exception to Our Success?...
Congestive heart failure (CHF) seems to be the exception when it comes to our national battle against heart disease. While other forms of heart disease, including coronary artery disease (CAD), are becoming less common, the rates of CHF continue to rise. The rate of hospitalization for CHF increased 3- to 4-fold between 1971 and 1999 (American Heart Association 2004; McCullough PA et al 2002). It is the leading cause of hospitalization among people over the age of 65, accounting for about 20 percent of the hospital admissions in this group (Jessup M et al 2003).
CHF occurs when the heart cannot pump efficiently enough to supply the body with freshly oxygenated blood. It affects about 5 million people in the United States. Within 5 years, medical experts predict that about half of these patients will have died of their conditions (American Heart Association 2004). Hoping to prolong survival, patients with CHF are typically treated with an array of powerful medications that have been shown to increase survival, often at a high cost. The conventional drugs used to treat CHF have significant adverse effects and, in many cases, implantation of a lifesaving medical device, or even having a heart transplant, may be necessary.

Low levels of vitamin D may increase the risk of dying from all causes by 150 per cent, suggests a study with over 700 elderly women...
Women with blood levels of the vitamin lower than 15.3 nanograms per millilitre were more likely to die from causes such as heart disease and cancer, than women with higher levels (above 27 ng/ml), according to findings published in Nutrition Research, “The present findings from this population-based cohort of ageing are consistent with the association between low serum 25(OH)D and mortality that has been described in […] the general population,” wrote the researchers, led by Richard Semba from the Johns Hopkins University.

Vitamin D Prevents Cancer: Is It True? - a 30 minute video on disease prevention that you have to see and share...
In a new study, researchers at the UCSD School of Medicine and Moores Cancer Center used a complex computer prediction model to determine that intake of vitamin D3 and calcium would prevent 58,000 new cases of breast cancer and 49,000 new cases of colorectal cancer annually in the US and Canada. The researchers model also predicted that 75% of deaths from these cancers could be prevented with adequate intake of vitamin D3 and calcium.

Bogus Science: Medical "Fact" About Aging Brains Shrinking is Wrong...
(NaturalNews) As people age, the chance of dementia rises. The most dreaded form of this memory robbing condition is Alzheimer's disease (AD). Already the seventh-leading cause of death in the U.S., the incidence of Alzheimer's is expected to soar as the huge Baby Boomer generation ages. According to the National Institute on Aging, as Alzheimer's progresses, the brain shrinks. So it is not a comforting thought to know that science has long stated aging brains shrink as we grow older, even if you don't have AD. Having a brain that is going to atrophy with the passing years seems to indicate that some mental decline must be inevitable.
Well, guess what? That "fact" is looking more and more like another example of a bogus belief ingrained in the medical establishment that is not backed up by solid evidence.

Top Five Herbs that Promote Kidney Health...
(NaturalNews) While many herbs are popular for liver and colon health, the best herbs for kidney maintenance are not as well known in Western medicine. Those suffering nausea, loss of appetite, stunted growth, dry skin, sleep disorders, concentration problems, or puffy eyes should consider a kidney flush. This article will review five plants traditionally used to promote and maintain kidney health.

Green Tea could Naturally Prevent and Treat Osteoporosis, Scientists Say...
NaturalNews) According to the National Institute of Arthritis, Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS), the bone thinning condition known as osteoporosis is a major public health threat for 44 million Americans, 68 percent of whom are women. Approximately 10 million Americans already have osteoporosis and another 34 million more have low bone mass, placing them at high risk for this disease. Of course, Big Pharma claims it has the solution -- lots of prescription drugs (including the highly hyped Boniva, Fosamax and Reclast) that supposedly strengthen bones and treat osteoporosis. Unfortunately, these medications are loaded with potentially severe and even fatal side effects, including cancer and disintegration of bone in the jaw.

Maximizing Methylation: The Key to Healthy Aging...
Can you optimize the function of all the systems in your body and protect yourself from nearly all the diseases of aging simply by taking a few vitamins? You can, but you need to know which vitamins to take and how they work.
In this weeks UltraWellness blog Dr. Mark Hyman explains the importance of methylation, and how maximizing it can protect your health long term.

Promoting Mitochondrial Health - Nutrients That Optimize Cellular Energy...
Mitochondria, the powerhouses in each human cell, have the crucial job of generating energy for use throughout the body. With advancing age and cumulative free radical attack, however, mitochondria can become less efficient, leading to degenerative changes associated with aging.
Maintaining healthy mitochondrial function is critically important in preventing disease and promoting longevity. Nutrients such as coenzyme Q10, acetyl-L-carnitine, and alpha-lipoic acid help optimize mitochondrial health. Other nutritional remedies—including carnosine, benfotiamine, and rhodiola—complement the actions of CoQ10, acetyl-L-carnitine, and alpha-lipoic acid in promoting a healthy and energetic lifestyle.

Type 2 Diabetes Breakthrough: The Mediterranean Diet...
(NaturalNews) Natural health advocates have been shown to be right yet again. In one of the longest randomized trials of its kind, European scientists compared the typical low-fat diet for type 2 diabetes management prescribed by mainstream doctors to a Mediterranean-style (MED) diet rich in "good" fats (like Omega-3s and olive oil), veggies and whole grains. The results show the Mediterranean diet ( dramatically improved type 2 diabetes, and even eliminated the need for many people to take blood glucose regulating medication.

New Hope for Curing Degenerative Diseases...
The potential to heal once incurable degenerative diseases such as cancer or heart disease by regenerating cells that have failed or are about to fail is now within our grasp, thanks to the emergence of an exciting new field of medicine: regenerative medicine using adult stem cells.
Indeed, tissues such as heart muscle that were long thought to be non-renewable have now been shown to be regenerated through this novel therapy. By using adult stem cells, scientists have avoided the controversy that has stymied advanced embryonic stem cell research in the past. Adult stem cell therapy offers an unprecedented step forward in the history of medicine and the applications of this new form of regenerative medicine are potentially unlimited.


Here are resources for a few of the nutraceuticals mentioned today...

Book - THE SINATRA SOLUTION - New hope for preventing and treating heart disease.

NSI L-Carnosine -- 500 mg - 90 Capsules

NSI Ubiquinol CoQH Featuring Kaneka - 200 mg - 60 Softgels

NSI CoQ10 + Alpha Lipoic Acid + Acetyl L-Carnitine HCl -- 120 Capsules

NSI L-Taurine -- 850 mg - 180 Capsules

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