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Nutrition in the news...

This week we have some interesting studies to share that may surprise you. Consuming a little wine, supplementing fish oils, folic acid and eating right, along with some exercise, can have a profound effect on health.
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Key to longer life? Exercise ... and a little booze...
LONDON - Drinking is healthy, exercise is healthy, and doing a little of both is even healthier, Danish researchers reported on Wednesday.
People who neither drink nor exercise have a 30 to 49 percent higher risk of heart disease than people who do one or both of the activities, the researchers said in the European Heart Journal.

Cure for dementia lies in a glass of wine...
Wine can be food for health as long as you are smart about how you drink -- one goblet daily may help in preserving your memory for long.
A team of international researchers has carried out a study and found that a glass of wine everyday delays dementia in those who are at risk from Alzheimer's disease as they are already having memory problems, the ScienceDaily reported.

Key vitamin deficiency linked to tripled risk of dementia: study ...
PARIS (AFP) - Lack of folate, also called vitamin B-9, may triple the risk of developing dementia in old age, according to a study published Tuesday. Researchers in South Korea measured naturally occurring folate levels in 518 elderly persons, none of whom showed any signs of dementia, and then tracked their development over 2.4 years.
At the end of the period, 45 of the patients had developed dementia, including 34 diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, said the study, published by the British Medical Association's Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry.
When the researchers, led by Jin-Sang Yoon of Chonnam National University in Kwangju, South Korea, remeasured folate levels, they uncovered a strong link with the dementia.

Med diet linked to longer life - study...
11/12/2007- Eating a Mediterranean-style diet, rich in fruit, vegetables, olive oil and fish, may reduce the risk of dying from cancer and cardiovascular disease, says a new US study.A study of almost 400,000 people with an age range of 50 to 71 reports that greater adherence to a Med-style diet reduced the risk of death from cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cancer by 22 and 17 per cent in men, and 12 per cent for women."To our knowledge, the present study is the first and largest US cohort to evaluate the Mediterranean dietary pattern and mortality," wrote lead author Panagiota Mitrou in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Fast-Acting Carbs May Hasten Vision Loss Over Time...
ScienceDaily (Dec. 1, 2007) — Consuming higher-than-average amounts of carbohydrates that cause blood sugar levels to spike and fall rapidly could be a risk factor for central vision loss with aging. Diets high in carbohydrates that are quickly digested and absorbed, resulting in a rapid rise in blood sugar levels, are considered high-glycemic-index diets. Examples of such "fast carb" foods are white bread, rice, potatoes and pasta, and also sugars and corn syrups. Carbohydrates leading to a more gradual rise and fall in blood sugar levels comprise low-glycemic-index diets. Such "slow carb" foods include whole-grain versions of bread, rice and pasta.

The Right Type of Fats for Health and Longevity...
NaturalNews) If there is one supplement that we can all benefit from, it would have to be Omega-3 fatty acids. Eskimo people have proven this over the ages with their diet comprising of over 50% of their total calorie intake from fish and fish oil - which is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as vitamin A. The interesting thing about the Eskimo people is that they enjoy good health with no cardiovascular diseases or cholesterol concerns.Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are known as ‘essential fatty acids’ (EFA) because they cannot be synthesized by the human body and, hence, we need to acquire them from dietary sources or good quality supplements. There is a lot of promotional hype and dietary advice by many leading health sources and health authorities suggesting we increase these fatty acids in our diet. One of the most reliable and well researched of these sources includes cardiologist, Dr. Ross Walker ( . However, there are some very important facts that we need to understand in relation to consuming these oils for optimal benefit, as opposed to just ingesting some capsules that may be completely useless in contributing to our wellness.

Mega EFA - Omega 3 fatty acids.

Glycemic Index - Learn about fast acting carbs.

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Good health to all of you...

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