Saturday, September 08, 2007

Vitamin D in the news and again it's BIG...

Again this week in health news we read about the value of increasing vitamin D3 levels. I know of no other single vitamin that can potentially prevent so many horrible health issues facing us right now. Metabolic Syndrome, and all the cluster diseases that come with that issue, are all benefited by extra D3. Most cheap vitamins use D2, which is very inferior to D3. Also the average multiple uses 200 IU's to 400 IU's which we now know is too little to prevent major illness. More and more research now indicates that we need at least 800 IU's to 2000 IU's daily and 4000 IU's might even be better, as one of the studies below shows. All the Multi's I formulate have at least 800 IU's to 1200 IU's of D3, and I recommend that people get sunlight everyday as well to make sure levels of D3 are high. Read the evidence yourselves and remember, prevention is so much smarter that treatment after the fact.


Vitamin D could halve breast and colon cancer incidence...

06/09/2007- As many as 50 percent of breast and colon cancer cases could be prevented by increasing intake of vitamin D, according to a study that backs continued calls for higher upper limits of the ingredient. The findings confirm what industry and researchers have long been advocating: that the public does not consume enough vitamin D and as such the ingredient needs to be made more available to consumers through public awareness and increased upper limits. According to the study's projections, in North America, a 50 percent reduction in colon cancer incidence would require universal intake of 2000 IU (International Units) per day of vitamin D, and a 50 percent reduction in breast cancer would require 3500 IU per day.

Low vitamin D levels linked to higher blood pressure...
25/07/2007 - People with low blood levels of vitamin D may be at an increased risk of higher blood pressure - a problem that could be easily remedied with supplements, says a new study."This finding may have public health significance, as vitamin D levels can easily, and cheaply, be increased by a modest increase in sun exposure or vitamin D supplementation," wrote lead author Robert Scragg in the American Journal of Hypertension.

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