Thursday, June 14, 2007

Important health news this week...

An Urgent Warning to Parents About the Dangers of Soy Milk for Babies...
Two vegan parents have been convicted of murder and given life sentences in prison for starving their 6-week-old baby to death.
Though the parents may have thought they were doing the right thing, they were feeding their child a completely inadequate combination of soy milk and apple juice along with a small, but insufficient, amount of breast milk.
Now, soy experts are again calling for clear and proper warning labels on all soy milk products -- indicating that it should NEVER be used in place of infant formula -- following this and several other babies' hospitalizations or deaths under similar circumstances.


Drink Soda and Damage Your DNA...
Research from a British university suggests that sodium benzoate, a common preservative found in many soft drinks, has the ability to switch off vital parts of DNA.
This could eventually lead to diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver and Parkinson's.


Green tea drinking may halve the colorectal cancer risk...
07/06/2007 - Regularly drinking antioxidant-rich green tea may halve the risk of colon and rectal cancer, suggests a new study based in China.

Green tea extract may boost blood vessel health...
31/05/2007 - The heart healthy reputation of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), the main extract from green tea, may be due in part to improvement in blood flow through the vessels, suggests a clinical trial from the US.

NSI Green Tea Extract -- 500 mg - 300 Capsules
Green tea may also assist with weight management by helping to boost your metabolism.
Other potential benefits of green tea include supporting healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels along with promoting liver health.

Christopher Wiechert, C.N.C.

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